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Post Dorset - Pre Cornwall

Well those few few weeks flew by as well.

The drive back from Dorset seemed long but uneventful. We arrived home to another very busy period. Lots of places to go, lots of people to see and lots of things to do.

Gradually life seems to be getting back to normal. This weekend for instance, we went back to Carrow Road with a full capacity crowd to see an unfair score line against the Canaries. We felt relatively safe apart from the disorganised chaos getting into the ground due to only half the turnstiles being open.

The big garden project was finally finished with the delivery and installation of the Hot Tub. It was a lot of hard work (with Graham putting in most of the brawn). We were rather apprehensive before it arrived as to whether we were wasting our time and money (or rather the boys inheritance). But so far so good. We have used it everyday bar one so far and have really loved our time in it. It is really relaxing, and we enjoy the time in there together chatting. We are both really pleased with how it fits into the garden and looks with the pergola and lights over it. The real test though will be in 12 months and whether we are still using it as much then. At the moment, every time we use it, it feels like we are back on holiday somewhere like Florida. We accept that the Hot Tub is like marmite, some people get it and some don’t. We are excited by it but don’t want to rant on about it. If people want to come and try it with us then they are welcome to.

As usual, I played a little golf here and there with lots of good friends. I also managed to win the Lanza Crazy Golf tournament 2021 held this year at the Eaton Park putting green (don’t ask). We’ve had lots of meals out and I am getting even better using the new Pizza Oven at home. Karen has also been busy using her down time from school catching up with friends she doesn’t normally have time to meet.

We have also been to the Interlude tent in the grounds of the Norwich School to see a comedy show put on by the Theatre Royal and another comedy night in the tent in Chapelfield Gardens.

At all these events we remained cautious and careful with the virus still around despite both being proudly double jabbed (Karen is already anxious to get her 3rd booster). We both still wear masks in public crowded indoor places and use the hand sanitiser whenever possible. It is inevitable that we will probably get the virus in the future – if we haven’t had it already. Hopefully the vaccines will continue to protect us as much as possible and minimise the impact.

Whilst I accept that we live in a democratic society I believe that unless for medical reasons only everyone should be made to have the vaccine (In the same way I believe that everyone should be made to vote – even if they vote for ‘none of the above’). I am all for vaccine passports as I do not want to be around people who have not been jabbed. If this ostracises some people, then so be it. (And don’t get me started on the right of landlords to determine who enters their premises, but we will both be buying a drink in The Murderers next time we are in the City).

The information I have read seem to confirm that the unvaccinated give off up to 5x more of the viral load compared with someone who has the vaccine antibodies, whether they are symptomatic or not. To me that just makes logical sense. If you don’t get the virus as bad, why would you be as infectious? I have read opposing views to that but when you dig deeper you find the counter argument is usually based on little empirical evidence (certainly one of them was based on a sample of just 83 people in Wisconsin).

I have one friend who has chosen to believe some of the stuff he has read online and not get the vaccine. I have told him that I won’t be seeing him again until he does, or the pandemic is over. He and others have quoted the MHRA Yellow Card scheme side site to me but again they are choosing which bits to believe. The way the data is presented is outrageous. If you go on any Covid fact check site then it confirms these the site refers to ‘suspected’ side effects and not actual medical confirmed side effects. In reality the vast majority listed are most likely to be completely coincidental.

I accept though that there is some risk with the vaccine, but there is with any medicine or treatment however tried and tested. How many people read the leaflet in with their paracetamol or codeine warning you of the risks from taking them? Yet people take them with no second though even though some people every year have a seriously bad reaction to them. That is being forgotten and not reported. The percentage of people who have had side effects from the vaccine include me. Mine was having the chills and feeling washed out for 24 hours. Yet the online site puts me in the same total as those unfortunate people who have had much worse effects.

As for the argument that the vaccine ‘trials’ do not end until 2023, a simple search will confirm that for all vaccines/treatments after they have passed ALL the safety checks and started to be used that the final stage of the trial is to continue to monitor for a period. This is no different for any vaccine/treatment and does last for years afterwards. This is primarily just to keep the records open and to keep the manufacturer on the hook. It does not mean that the vaccine itself is actually still on trial or is not passed safety to use.

The reasons the Covid vaccine passed through the trials quicker was primarily due to unprecedented collaboration of people across the world coupled with unlimited funding meaning that different phases could happen in parallel rather than sequentially. Nothing was missed out or hurried. Can you imagine the reaction from those involved if it had been? It is now hoped that all new vaccines/treatments will now follow the process.

I also think that those who choose not to be jabbed are being selfish. If we all took their approach it would mean, we could be locked down indefinitely. There is more risk to the individual and those around them from not having the vaccine to them actual just having it.

Anti Vaccine rant over. These are just my opinions and I do respect others may have differing opinions, even if they are wrong!

What is it about getting older that make you more opinionated? I am not sure that I approve. Perhaps it is just writing this blog that does it. I don’t try and force my opinions on other people in person (or do I and not realise it?) I do try to see/investigate both sides of an argument. I am prepared to be persuaded and move my position if I can see I am wrong. I try not to be precious about a stance and normally try to take a balanced position. In political terms I can agree with some policies from the left and the right, but never enough to hang my hat either way permanently. But politics and politicians are a rant for another day in another blog.

And so now onto Cornwall. We had originally booked to fly from Norwich and then hire a car from Exeter. But Logan Air moved the flight times meaning the rental car hire office would not be open to collect/drop off the car – despite the web site saying it would (good job I phoned and double checked.) After much chasing I have managed to get the flights and car hire payments refunded and so the plan is to drive instead.

In the USA I have no issue driving hundreds of miles in a day. In the UK though I just get frustrated with the amount of traffic, the state of the roads and the idiotic driving of a few. I also must put up with my passenger’s snoring as well as the fact she is too hot one minute and then too cold the next. This is not a long journey I am looking forward too.

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