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November 2021 - Florida - Day 4

We were greeted by beautiful blue skies this morning and so decided to chill out by the pool for the morning.

We sat there listening to the radio news of potential managerial appointments at Carrow Road. Nobody really knows what is going on, but I can confirm that I have not been approached which is very disappointing. I think I would be especially good when the subs were coming on by pointing at the goal and telling them that is where they must put the ball into. I can't think what else they are telling them at that moment in time.

After an early lunch we set off out for the afternoon. At Neil’s request we headed to the other Premium Outlets at the top of International Drive as there was still something he wanted to purchase. Within 30 minutes we had parked and were having a wander around. Karen was especially pleased as the Starbucks at these outlets was still open.

It is interesting hearing on the news that the USA is having the same problems as the UK in that there is a lack of workers causing supply chain issues leading to shortages of some products. Interestingly though they are not blaming Brexit. It is the same problem the world over. The lockdowns I think have caused people to either retrain or more likely rethink their life priorities and I cannot say I blame them. Eventually corporates will realise in order to survive they will have to reduce their profits by paying higher wages to attract staff or not have any profits at all and not survive.

We assume it was labour shortages that the first 3 Starbucks we had been to this trip had been closed. Neil told Karen it was because the company had gone bust to wind her up.

The official Disney outlet shop here had people on the doors telling customers unless you are wearing a mask you weren't allowed in. This was quite refreshing as in the other shops it was optional although to be fair most people here were complying.

Whilst browsing in the shops it reminded me to tell Karen of the Monk, I had bumped into twice at the other outlets buying T Shirts and Shorts. It had amused me at the time, but I suppose they must have to wear something under their cloaks.

We went back to the villa via our first visit to a Target store and had a quick whizz round buying some bread and a new Swimming top for Karen. I also nipped in the ‘Five Below’ store to get some new cables for Karen’s phone.

At the villa we had about 60-minute sit down before heading out again. Tonight, we were off to the Boardwalk, which is one of our favourite places. We tried to park at our usual place, but since our last visit Disney have build another Hotel on this car park and put a barrier across the few remaining spaces that needed validation to exit. So instead, we went to the official Boardwalk hotel and as easily parked there as it wasn’t too busy.

The Boardwalk itself was quite busy even though some of the restaurants remained closed. With all the lights it still looked pretty and had a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Halfway round the Boardwalk we went into the Yacht and Beach Hotel and found their Christmas Carousel. This was made of gingerbread with solid chocolate horses. Sadly, it was protected by a barrier so I could not lick one of the horses to confirm they were indeed solid chocolate.

As we left the Hotel to continue round the Boardwalk, there was a short heavy shower, so we took refuge on the veranda and sat till it passed. Then we carried on and finished the loop round back to the car.

By now we were all ready for some food. We drove to Formosa Gardens and went into Outback for the first time this trip and the first time for 2 years.

Although half the tables were empty, we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated as again we assume they again were short staffed. The wait was worth it as the Steaks were glorious. I have been fortunate to have been in some expensive and some exclusive steak restaurants around the world but in my humble opinion for consistency and taste you cannot beat an Outback Steak. Even Neil said he enjoyed it but that it wasn’t such a religious experience for him as it appeared to be for me. Karen was also happy as they still had her favourite Blueberry Martini on the menu which she enjoyed with her meal.

Back at the Villa we chilled for a while before retiring relatively early yet again. This jetlag is a real pain.

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