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January 2022 - Lanzarote - Day 4

One drop of rain on my window pain.

We had hoped that the weather forecast for today would be wrong but when we opened the curtains to the balcony there were ominous black clouds up in the sky. The temperature was noticeably cooler as well. That change was interesting as in reality it was only 2 degrees worse than yesterday, but it seemed to make all the difference as if there is an actual tipping point between what our bodies think is acceptable or not. In the end though I decided that was nonsense as if it was 17c at home as it was here in January, we would all be wallowing in the heat. It must all be in our heads.

Despite the looming clouds we set off for a walk turning right out of the apartment to the harbour. We had got down the hill to the promenade when Karen realised, she had forgotten her phone. I found her a bench to wait whilst I took 10 minutes to go and fetch it for her.

As we walked on, we realised that we must had just missed what seemed to have been a heavy rain shower as there were large puddles everywhere.

Karen wanted to stop for a coffee at Dos Mil on route, but so it seemed did everyone else out for a walk and there was quite a queue for a table, so we carried on walking.

We decided to head for a shopping precinct that was in the Old Town but at the top of a very steep hill, just as it started to drizzle. We had a quick look around on the various levels including a very welcome toilet stop. There were no shops that really caught our eye. We did try to get Karen a coffee from MacDonald’s but were not allowed in as the number of people waiting inside was already over their permitted limit. We didn’t fancy waiting around in the rain outside especially as it was now coming down harder.

Instead, we headed to the Hotel Faionaires getting steadily wetter as we did so. We found a lovely table on the Terrace and ordered a couple of Caesar Salads for lunch and pots of tea. The service was first class and the food matched it. We did embarrass ourselves by asking where the chicken was with our salads and were told that what we both thought were large crotons were individually browned pieces of chicken. The waiter fortunately thought that was amusing as we did.

Sitting around us were a large group of large Irish people. It seemed that they were here for a wedding that was to take place here in the Hotel later today. There were some frantic conversations taking place with hotel staff about changes needed due to the weather with one helpful person saying that the weather in Ireland was ironically sunny and dry today. The rain did eventually ease and stop and although we saw some of the people reappear in their wedding attire, we have no idea how the ceremony went off.

Eventually after Karen had tried a Hotel Latte started to wander back. It had been an expensive lunch stop but enjoyable nevertheless and one we will repeat whatever the weather on another trip.

Despite having just had a Latte, as there was a table free at Dos Mil Karen was very keen to take it. She had afternoon tea and cake whilst I had a croissant. We passed a relaxing 30 minutes watching the world go by as people gradually ventured out again after the rain.

Lanzarote is a lovely place to be when the weather is good, but not so good on the few days when it isn’t. Karen never mentioned once how much nicer the forecast is here next week after we are back home.

On the final leg back, I was despatched to the Dino Express supermarket to get a baguette whilst Karen hurried back to sit on the balcony as the sun was now finally out.

Whilst Karen sat in the sun reading, I thought I would check us in for our flights home. In these Covid times that is quite a challenge. With Jet2, you cannot get the boarding passes until you can load up the UK Government Passenger Locator forms to their site. You cannot get the Passenger Locator Forms until 48 hours before your flight is due to depart. Also in order to complete the Passenger Locator Forms you have to be able to load your Covid certificates by scanning their QR codes onto your laptop. Obviously to get the QR codes you have to be able to access your certificates on your phone. Once you have done this you then you also have input your Day 2 testing codes you have purchased and arranged before you came on the trip. It is quite a palaver and took me 45 minutes. I am seriously worried that many other grey wrinklies who may be on our flight will not have been able to do all of this and it could be chaos at the airport when we get there tomorrow.

The Government has said that from Feb 11th, the Day 2 testing will no longer be required. However, Passenger Locator Forms will still be needed and so I fear this paperwork challenge will be needed for some time to come. I must say though the Jet2 system was quite efficient and better than the Virgin one which was paper based back in November, but I suppose that may have all changed by now. I believe BA have an online system as well now.

Anyhow at 7pm, we headed out again. Karen wore a coat for the first time this trip, and I would have done if I had bothered to bring one. It was cold or at least it seemed to be at 15c. The promenade was almost deserted as were nearly all the restaurants, bars and cafes. It seemed that not many people were venturing out for the night.

We had a choice of almost every table at Pinocchio’s. Despite the cold at Karen’s insistence, we still sat outside again. The waiters all had jumpers on which was a first and they complained they were cold as there were not enough people around to keep them moving.

Again, we had the Canarian Potatoes as a starter. Karen then had the Sole (off the bone) whilst I treated myself to the most expensive item on the menu – Fillet Steak on a Hot Stone. I really just wanted to stone to warm me up! They were both great. We washed these down with some Vina Sol and Karen even had Apple Pie to finish. The bill for all this was just over £30 which we thought was reasonable.

There was no question of us not heading straight back due to drop in temperature and many places were already closing for the night despite it being before 9pm. We passed one café which advertised live music every night. The singer was still there performing as advertised to one sad old man sitting there all on his own with dozens of empty tables around him. I wondered if he knew the performer, who seemed to be singing one song to the tune of another but not deliberately (one for the Radio 4 aficionados).

It is strange how this place can be totally weather dependent for everything

Back in the warm apartment I was finally able to load up a couple of days blogs whilst Karen watched some TV. Eventually tiredness got the better of me and I left Karen to fell asleep as usual whilst she was watching Question Time. The news tonight had a large section about the unvaccinated NHS staff. I think the Government is between a rock and a hard place with this issue. All I can say is that I am not sure I would want to be treated by someone who did believe in the treatments that they are employed to administer.

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