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Florida - April 2022 - Day 15

She's a good girl, loves her mama Loves Jesus and America, too

For two nations the UK & USA remain comically separated by a common language. The number of times we have all managed to struggle to make ourselves understood is quite amazing. But it stretches further and deeper than words or terminology alone. Music is another difference. It is amazing the American’s love of country music covers all the States and seems to by all generations as well. Now I quite like some of it, whereas Karen is not keen at all. The same applies to some non-country musical classics which are played all the time over here which were just minor hits and rarely heard in the UK. Things like ‘Jack & Diane’ and ‘Free Falling’ I really enjoy them but think they sound better here. I put it down to the weather.

Today just to be boring we all sat outside by the pool and ate our breakfasts. We could already tell that it was going to be a very hot day. This was also going to be Graham & Jo’s last full day with us and we wanted to make the most of it, so about 10.15am we headed out to explore Disney Springs.

This was another place they had not visited and so Karen was again excited to be their guide. As we arrived nice and early we parked near the entrance in the Orange Garage. The heat hit us as we went down the escalator and started wandering around the shops.

The crowd level was light which made for a pleasant experience as we explored. We walked into The Boathouse and ended up sitting on their pier ordering some drinks. Despite it still being before noon, Graham ordered a Gin & Tonic. This had to be returned as the tonic was flat. The replacement he decided was then mostly Gin with very little tonic. Karen also went for the alcoholic option of an Irish Coffee. This consisted though of a generous double of Jameson in a black coffee which she still enjoyed. Jo had an Iced Coffee whilst I had my usual water.

The whiskey did seem to hit the spot with Karen who was quite chatty when we continued our walk around. For lunch we thought we would try the Paddleboat, which is the big restaurant on the Lake. We found an outside table on the terrace under a parasol. We ended up moving the table several times to make sure we were all sat in the shade.

I was alone in ordering half a Caesar Wrap which came with some New England Chowder. They were both really good. The rest of them all ordered a Crab Cake BLT which they all thoroughly enjoyed. We did have to send the fries back as they were cold though, but they were soon replaced.

On the slow walk back to the car, we decided that for dessert and because it was now scorching that a couple of scoops of ice cream/sorbet were needed from Ghirardelli’s which we sat and ate at a table in some needed shade.

I then persuaded Graham that we needed to have a competition to see who could actually get a stick to grow back home. Actually, they aren’t sticks they are Plumeria’s, but do look like sticks in their dormant state. They are very pretty if you can get them to grow. I have bought one from the stall on the bridge here before and when it didn’t grow, returned it on another trip, as they told me to (that one failed to grow either). A fool and his money are easily parted.

It was then time to take Graham to the airport to pick up his car so that he can continue the rest of his trip tomorrow. We dropped them off and headed back to the Villa to have a pot of tea ready for their return. Driving back though the traffic was horrendous the closer we got to the villa and it took far longer than it should. Graham also hit the traffic some 40 minutes behind us.

After having some drinks, Graham and I headed out to get some food to have in the villa tonight. As it was our last night all together, we thought it would be nice to sit by the pool where I could have some drinks rather than being the designated driver. We bought some large crab claws, prawns and oven chips.

Before sorting the food out we had some G&Ts followed by wine. It was all rather lovely again. Graham sorted out the hot food and we had a merry time eating the fresh seafood. This is what holidays are all about. Relaxing and having fun with great company. It simply cannot be beaten.

And so that ended another day in this villa in the sunshine. Graham & Jo started their packing ready for their departure to the shack they have booked in Fort Myers in the morning, whilst Karen started her packing for our flight home the day after. The temperature difference when we get back is not something I am looking forward to.

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