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Florida - April 2022 - Day 11

Sitting in the morning sun I'll be sitting when the evening comes

It was another glorious spring morning as they call it here. The weather forecasters were getting very excited by the fact it was going to be cooler at only 83f. We would call it a hot summers day in the UK. I was up at 7am and found Graham & Jo sitting by the pool already. They had been awake since 5am as their body clocks struggled to adjust to the 5-hour time difference. Karen eventually joined us at 8am.

We all had a very lazy breakfast outside and sat for another hour enjoying the tranquillity of the view overlooking the Lake, watching the wildlife.

Around 10am we were all ready for us to take our visitors to Celebration to explore. They had been once before several years previously but hadn’t seen too much of it. We parked easily and set off for a walk around some of the Lakes. We headed towards where the really big multimillion dollar houses were situated. They really are fabulous but we decided far too big to be practical to live in or as a holiday home. I still like the one which has a slide from the master bedroom down to the pool below.

We passed a Gator that was keeping his beady eye on everyone walking by.

This is such a lovely place where everyone is so friendly and speaks as they pass you by, apart from the Gators.

Back at the big Lake at the end of Main Street we came across a baby Gator basking in the sun without a local lady standing by it. Upon closer inspection we could see that it had a hook through its jaw with lots of fishing line attached. It didn’t seem to be in pain and seemed to be able to open its mouth without a problem. The local lady was concerned about its health and had already made a number of calls trying to report the problem and to try to get someone out to assist with it. Her next call was to be to try Gatorland to see if they would help. It was sad to see the creature like that. I know Gators are considered a pest here and obviously can be very dangerous, but you don’t like to see anything in pain.

We wandered along Main Street and then as to be expected got some drinks from Starbucks. I managed to grab a table with some rocking chairs overlooking the lake. It was bliss. We could have sat there for hours. Before leaving we had a quick look around the rather colonial Bohemia Hotel.

Back at the villa we had a late light lunch by the pool where we all sat quietly reading for a while. I caught up on the hot issue out here about Disney losing their ‘Reedy Creek’ rights in the row with the Republican Governor. It seems it is all quite blatant and the Governor fully admits that he has only done it because of Disney’s opposition to his ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. The local news whilst trying to remain sort of neutral believe that he wants to be the next ‘Trump’ and this is part of his strategy to get noticed for the future. Anyhow I can see there be lots of lawyers rubbing their hands at the anticipation of forthcoming legal challenges around this issue.

After a while I offered to take Graham for a look around Home Depot as I knew this was something he was keen on doing. We made sure the girls were happy after opening another bottle of bubbles for them and set off. It was only 14 miles away but again the traffic was bad. The drive took us through the Reunion resort that I had never seen before. It all looked rather civilised.

We had a leisurely walk round the enormous store admiring some of the stuff you could buy here but not at home. Sadly, much of it was too large to even consider purchasing but Graham did end with a few items to purchase. It was another slow drive back through the traffic.

For our meal this evening we all fancied fish and so headed to Joes Crab Shack at the Water Tower, Celebration. Although it was busy, we were seated immediately. The place had a nice vibe about it. The one thing we didn’t like was the prices though. We had been planning to have a crab bucket each but these now start at over $45 each. We thought this was excessive and so 3 of had the Captains Plate which did include a few legs of Dungeness Crab, whilst Karen went for the Pirates Platter which was more shrimp based. These were still pricey but absolutely delicious and the crab had a fab taste with its Old Bay seasoning.

As we were parked almost outside the Publix and we needed a small top up of some things we nipped in so that Graham & Jo could have a look around. We bought some more bubbles and then sent Graham & Karen into the liquor store for a bottle of Gin as well. They came back giggling both at the enormous plastic bottle of gin they had purchased as well as about some neanderthal security man who was as wide as he was tall.

At the villa, Graham & Jo didn’t last too long before jet lag overcame them. Graham is also suffering with a slight tummy upset so hopefully a good night’s sleep will settle it. They were both planning to take Melatonin to help them adjust with their sleep. Karen & I both sat and watched the news for a while before retiring ourselves.

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