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2024 - January - Day 4 - Fiji

Absolutely beautiful weather greeted us yet again as we opened the curtains onto the porch. It was already 28c without a cloud in the sky. I could certainly get used to this. On top of this we had nothing hard scheduled in for the day.


Our loose plan involved going into breakfast relatively early so that I could then hopefully sit and watch the rest of the Norwich game which was being televised. A third day of continental breakfast was uneventful apart from what we learnt to be myna birds carrying out their usual scavenging stealing of food around us as soon as any table was vacated.


Back on the porch I managed to get the VPN working and connected to my Sky Go account just as Norwich scored the first goal. The download speed wasn’t great meaning at time the picture was not sharp but it was good enough to watch. Back to the wall stuff but a welcome victory. I still think the tactics are wrong and the manager should be replaced. But being as fickle as I am, I will still be singing out his name if he gets us to Wembley.


Following this we decided to try and walk along the beach again. We had forgotten that there was a local market on today on the beachfront. It was quite busy but nothing caught our eye.


The beach and sea today was everything that it wasn’t 2 days ago. It was simply down to the tide being in. It made the world of difference. Now this was the idyll that I had also imagined. It was beautiful.


I decided I would venture into the sea. Karen hadn’t set out in her swimmies so found some shade to sit in. The sea was like a warm bath. The only trouble was I would have had to wade out probably about ½ mile before it came above waist height and so I settled for a gentle splash about on my own for a while.


After I had a sit in the shade, we wandered over to the Left Foot Island and sat for again for a while under the shade of a palm tree with a lovely warm breeze on faces, catching up with messages from home.


Back on the porch we had a welcome cuppa before Karen decided we should then walk to the Marina for a late lunch before the forecast afternoon shower arrived. We set off with some ominous clouds already bubbling on the horizon. Today we ordered scrambled egg with our drinks. I enjoyed it but it was a bit too ‘loose’ for Karen’s liking.


Just as we finished eating the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour. Immediately the temperature dropped and it felt fresher. There were a couple of Aussie chaps sitting near us who made a dash for it through the rain and kindly left me their newspapers to read. Reading the local news highlighted that Fiji seems to beset with the same problems as the rest of the world, worried about climate change, healthcare and island politics. The Rugby coaches also seemed to be subject to intense personal scrutiny.


The rain passed and we decided to walk back whilst it was still dry before some other black clouds, we could see on the horizon arrived.


After yet another cuppa and a glass of wine and a conversation regarding what trips we should book for 2025, we sorted our bags out for our very early departure tomorrow. Then we headed to the restaurant for dinner. Service was very slow tonight but the Fish & Chips we both ordered was worth the wait.


Tonight’s entertainment was traditional island dancing that turned into another Fire Dance Show. The women all had very flexible hips and the men who were what can only be described as ‘oily’ threw themselves energetically into the performances. We had a great view which continued when they moved outside for the Fire Dance right in front of the open window from where we sat.


It was a good way to end our last night in Fiji. We went to reception to settle our bill for the past 4 days before getting back to our Bure for the last night. We were in bed for 9pm with alarms set for 4am. We were putting our faith in the taxi driver turning up on time.





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