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2023 - St Lucia - Day 7

Again, I was sent out to secure the choice sunbeds whilst Karen went and ordered us some poached eggs. I didn’t feel bad as I followed someone into breakfast who had done the exactly same thing.

Last night I had gone to bed with a headache. Obviously, nothing to do the alcohol drunk through the day, but instead I blamed it on lack of other liquid. To make up for it I had 3 cups of tea and a diet coke. I don’t know if it helps that but as they were all caffeinated, I was having to wander to the toilet every 45 minutes or so.

I finished the Hilary Clinton book which I think would make a decent film and started a James Patterson which seems eminently readable.

Out of the blue since I have been here, I have had a couple of old colleagues message me for a catch up. One I haven’t seen for over 30 years and another for 15 years. It was good to catch up with them and I had messaging conversations with both of them as I laid there.

After a few hours we were allowed by Karen to move and so we went to the Hot Tub that again we had all to ourselves. The resort seems to be deserted from about 11.30am to 2.30pm every day and we still do not know where everyone disappears to. Today as I was getting in a local walking past on the beach asked if my leg injuries were as a result of being a fire fighter. I replied they were a result of a RTA. He then tried to tell me that if I rubbed coconut oil on them every day the scarring would disappear. He meant well but I am not sure that coconut oil would remove skin grafts from 48 years ago. This reminded me that yesterday when I was walking to one of the bars and an American sitting at the bar said very politely to me ‘I hope you don’t mind me asking but I assume you were a victim of a shark attack?’ Again, I told the truth but I kind of wish I had played along with that one.

We both had the Caesar Wrap again for our late lunch. Just as we were finishing, we could hear and see a DJ booth starting up around the family pool. To everyone’s delight they also started up a foam machine. I am not sure if the adults or the kids enjoyed it more. Young and old were all getting in and getting jiggy with it. I was keen to get in but Karen said she had just dried off and CBA. It looked jolly good fun. I am not sure what the foam is, but in the wind, it was blowing everywhere just like it was snowing. It was obviously some magic chemical as it didn’t last too long and didn’t mess up the water. The music was all thud thud techo stuff which seemed to suit the party.

Following a short period back in our room we went out for our daily walk and sadly realised that although we have another couple of nights here, it is probably the last one we will have time for. It was a real pleasure and something we will miss about this place.

For dinner we were booked into the Trattoria. The server was great and lots of fun. I had the Caesar Salad again as appetiser which was good but was let down by the Strip Loin as my entrée which was a bit tough and fatty. Karen was not enamoured by her salmon which she thought was not cooked enough for her and ‘raw’ in places.

After dinner we could hear music coming from outside inside lobby stage. There was a couple of singers singing along to backing tracks. They were good. In fact, they were exceptional. The girl sang Adele’s ‘Easy’. It blew me away. I closed my eyes and I could not imagine Adele doing it herself any better. The very next song the guy took was a country song that I didn’t know but so suited his rich velvety voice. I cannot remember the next one as they alternated seamlessly.

The next song though got me. As soon as the first bar and line was sung of ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’ I found I had tears uncontrollably running down my face. By halfway through I was a quivering wreck. This was Mum’s song and she loved it. It has always been a favourite of mine because of that. Hearing it sung so beautifully live with guys deep velvet voice just brought back happy thoughts of her and sad thoughts of not having either Mum or Dad with us anymore. One of my earliest and happiest memories is of her singing this very loudly whilst doing the housework. It well over 25 years since we lost her and even longer for Dad. I still genuinely miss them and I do honestly think of them every single day. At odd times when alone, I do even still find myself talking to them and asking for their help and guidance.

Grief is a strange beast and it has been a long time since I have broken down in public like that. People deal with it so differently. I know that somehow though that Mum & Dad are still watching over us all. I just wish I could see them one more time to tell them how my life has turned out and for them see and be proud of what fine men Barry & Neil have grown into. Writing this now has made me well up again. I believe and hope that is good as we should not bottle our feelings up inside. I realise I could write pages about Mum & Dad but that isn’t really what this blog is about.

There was an overlap with some of the entertainment tonight so with 15 minutes of the duo’s set to go we left and wandered upstairs to the Chocolate Evening. We were intrigued to find out what it was all about. Well, we were like children let loose in a sweet shop or chocolatier to be precise. There was a long set of tables set up with dozens of the posh chocolates to just help yourself to, along with a huge chocolate fountain and drinks like Chocolate Martinis. We sampled a few. Actually, we sampled quite a lot. It is surprising though how few you need though to be full of them. They were simply so rich and delicious.

Then we made our way back after informing Reception of Graham details so that he could pick us up in the morning and out to explore the Island for the first time.

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