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2023 - St Lucia - Day 6

Finally, the Germanic side of Karen’s DNA took hold today when I was instructed to go and secure the sun beds she wanted before anyone else whilst she went and got a table in breakfast to order our omelettes. I felt quite bad about doing it but then realised many others had done the same thing. It’s not that there aren’t enough sun beds to go round or that some are better positioned than others, it just that there are only four that have the Tiki Shelter that provides maximum shade that we craved.

After our hearty breakfast we assumed position for the rest of the morning. My book of choice today was the thriller co-written by Hilary Clinton. It was quite readable and it amused me how thinly disguised some of the characters were and of her distain for them and their policies. We may have had a cocktail or two whilst laying there as well as a Diet Coke.

After thinking long and hard about it I decided I could really get used to this routine.

Just before a late lunch we again went into the deserted Hot Tub. We commented how normally get when we into a pool we go ‘Oh and Ah’ because of the cold, here it is the exact opposite. It takes a while to slowly ease ourselves into it. After about 15 minutes I feel par boiled and have to stand up. Whether it was coincidental or not but after not going into it yesterday I suffered during the evening with swelling in my right foot. I do always have a problem with drainage in that foot and leg on a day-to-day basis but when it gets to a certain level it starts to hurt a lot. Karen initially thought I had been bitten but there was no evidence of that. I was hoping the heat would get the circulation flowing better again.

For lunch we went into the buffet which was Karen’s choice. Well, it was until we got in and found it was Asian Lunch Day. Then it was apparently my choice and fault. I found some sesame coated Tuna that was passable. Karen just had some cheese and a bit of salad. I was naughty and had a small scoop of the local Banana Ice Cream which made up for it all.

After a chill in our room, we went for our usual walk on the beach, or at least we tried to. We didn’t get far when the Security guards told us we could not walk past a wedding that was taking place in one of the pavilions. I argued we wanted to not walk through the wedding but in the sea at that point but was told to walk inland around the back instead. I could have perhaps understood if the wedding was taking place on the beach, but the pavilion was well set back and there was a wall between them and the beach. I was very grumpy about this as was some other guest who was told the same thing. I refused to take the inland route on principle and turned completely around. Instead, we walked in the other direction around the bay but the beach soon ran out that way.

We ended up drowning our sorrows with cocktails and other drinks for a good 90 minutes at the outside main bar before going back to our room. This was after getting Karen to do Wordle on her phone. She had the last 4 letters of EAPT but could not fathom the first letter. She kept saying LEAPT is not a word to herself pronouncing it all wrong and going through other possibilities. In the end I had to step in as I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s funny how she does all her thinking out loud which I find infuriating if we try to do them together as I like to just think about it quietly and in my head.

It was a waddle back to our rooms as we probably drank too much to quickly but we had time to relax a while before we got ready for our Dinner Reservation. Tonight, we were in the Verandah Restaurant. The clue to the location is in the name. This is the smallest of the posh restaurants. When we were seated, all dressed up smartly again I pointed out to Karen that more than half the men were in Shorts and Flip Flops and no one had stopped them entering. They did all have smartish shirts on and I thought that was fine. All the Women had made much more of an effort, including Karen.

The food was amazing and the best of the trip so far. There were 4 courses available although we both only had 3. I forgo the dessert whilst Karen didn’t have the salad course. I had the Beef Carpaccio as my appetiser and the Grilled Beef with Coconut Shrimp with Red Wine Jus as my entrée. It was as delicious as it sounds.

We sat for a while and then had a Baileys from the Adults Only Bar. The Barman was also the DJ and just played Dance tunes that he knew all the moves to which was amusing. Then we heard that the retro disco was starting outside downstairs. We went and took a look. The entertainment staff were all dressed in 70’s gear with big Afro wigs. I assume nowadays it is still OK for them to wear them but would be culturally inappropriate for me to wear one? Anyhow I hated Kool & the Gang music when we used to go to Disco’s in the 80’s, and when this and others like it came on I was still suitably unimpressed.

It didn’t help that I was absolutely shattered again. I am not sure why as I hadn’t really done much again all day. We went back up to our room at 10pm and I virtually collapsed into bed.

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