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2023 - St Lucia - Day 5

We woke up excited as we had decided to shake things up a bit by going for walk this morning as Karen had made herself an appointment at the Spa this afternoon. I was expecting a new woman to walk out afterwards.

Anyhow it kind of threw us out of our routine entirely which isn’t easy when the routine is just eat, drink and lay on sunbed.

We toddled into breakfast like naughty school children expecting to be asked what happening you are here at a different time and then not planning on doing the same thing. But no one did and no one noticed anything different, even though for the first time I went for the poached eggs which were rather good.

Entirely as expected we didn’t get the sun beds we wanted. Karen called over a member of staff to put up the parasol for us on the ones she chose instead as we failed miserably to do so. I thought that we were missing something – we were - just brute force. Sadly, though do the angle of the sun it provided no shade for us at all

As soon as I got on the sun bed, I was really uncomfortable. I could not find any position to lay which didn’t aggravate my back. After a while I gave up and ended up just sitting on the edge which was only marginally better. The sun beds are fine but much of the time I would far prefer a nice upright chair of which there were none. It is good though that I reckon the pairs of sunbeds on the adult part of the resort are at least 20 – 30 feet apart so you do have your own privacy whatever.

After maybe one or two cocktails we then went for our walk along the beach. It was very hot. The turtle grass was piling up as it must have been the tractor driver’s day off. It seemed to us that the tide might be out fractionally. There was a local guy fishing in the sea and he asked if I came from Columbia because of my hat. Not sure if he thought I might be selling drugs from there as he looked disappointed when I said No. The usual kite surfers were out in force.

For lunch I decided to try The Jerk Treehouse which funnily enough was in a tree and was like a takeaway shack selling Jerked Food. I had a piece of Jerk Chicken and some pieces of fish. The fish was tastier than the Chicken. Karen didn’t fancy any of it so I ended up sitting with her whilst she went into the normal buffet.

Then we went back to room so Karen could prepare herself to be beautified. She took herself off to the Spa whilst I sat on the balcony catching up on some holiday admin. I could see the Spa from where I was sitting and so I was very excited when I saw a blonde girl looking about in her 30’s walk out after about 50 minutes. I marvelled at the transformation that they had achieved in that time. Whatever the cost it looked well worth it from where I was sitting.

Disappointingly though it wasn’t Karen who did appear 5 minutes later very proud of her newly pedicured and pampered feet. All I said was that perhaps she should have asked Ellie to have done her hands before we left. Apparently, I had missed the point and it wasn’t fair for her to keep asking Ellie who had very little spare time herself.

I stayed on the balcony for a while longer to keep out of further trouble.

We then decided that I should go down to the Hot Tub to ease my back. Karen didn’t want to go in until the Gel had hardened fully on her nails. We tried both Hot Tubs but for the first time they were both full with people sitting on the edge drinking cocktails. I didn’t fancy squeezing in to join them.

So instead, we sat near the main complex and had some drinks ourselves.

We didn’t have a reservation for dinner tonight so we went back to the Caribbean Walk. The fish tonight I think was Mahi Mahi cooked with lime. It was delicious. They even had what they called roast potatoes although they were more like anaemic chips that tasted better than they looked.

Every night the desserts on offer as a sight to behold. I still do my best to avoid anything with sugar but tonight I was tempted by prospect of the Champagne Cupcakes and took one.

I ignored the cream on the top and tried the sponge part. Now I did not expect them to taste of anything but boy were they laced with some alcohol. Each bite was like having a double shot of something that we assumed wasn’t actually real champagne. Karen had to get one for herself and in her opinion, it was stronger than any boozy Christmas Cake she had ever had. Quite remarkable.

We went back to the bar where we had been sitting earlier and had some more of the same wine we had been drinking with our dinner. There was a Jazz Saxophonist playing and she was very good. There were people up dancing and having a good time. Then we had a large Baileys on the Rocks before retiring at the late hour of 9.45pm. We did consider going to the adults only foam party but Karen said she wouldn’t get into the water so there seemed little point.

I have surprisingly got really into this holiday. I thought I would be soon fed up. The resort is large enough that I don’t feel like I am in a prison camp. I really like it. Saying that I think a week here is enough for me and I am glad the adventure part of the trip starts on Saturday. There are plenty of things to do if we wanted like corn hole, table tennis, free pool, tennis etc. None of these appeal to Karen so we give them a miss. There is a whole schedule of things we could join in with each day that we also ignore. Of course, we could have paid for some excursions but that is our plan for next week to do them ourselves when we relocate and our chauffeur arrives from the UK. We are content in our own world reading, drinking and walking (I finished the Thursday Murder Club today – read it!). Perhaps we are getting old and finally slowing down at last. But as we sit here Karen is already plotting a trip back to New Zealand next January which will be anything but chilling out and relaxing.

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