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2023 - Lanzarote - Days 5 & 6

This was our 6th day here and it was all starting to feel a bit samey. We weren’t sure if it was the place or the weather that was making us feel like that. Today started cloudy and didn’t get much better as the day progressed. Everywhere looks much better in the sun and Lanzarote doesn’t have too many redeeming features if it is dull.

We set off for a slow walk today heading to Dos Mil for a coffee which was full as per the new normal. Karen got herself a take away that we took to a bench the other side of the road. We were soon joined by Sharon & Iain who were drinking their coffees unbeknown to us just around the corner. They then headed off back to the apartment to get a taxi to Puerto Calero for lunch whilst we carried on with our stroll to the 5-star Fariones Hotel. This is very us or rather what we would like us to be if we had the money for £300+ per night basic cost as we entered the lobby.

After securing a lovely table we ordered two pots of tea and cheekily asked for the Wifi password which they provided. We made our tea last about 90 minutes before using their very nice toilet facilities before heading back to the apartment. We called into Spar on the way to get some fresh rolls for our late lunch.

A very lazy afternoon followed. It did actually rain lightly for a few minutes before it cleared up. We both agreed that a week here was long enough especially on days like today. We tried to cheer ourselves up with a glass of Rose Vina Sol that we had sitting in the fridge in case of such eventualities.

At 7pm we met Sharon & Iain in reception and walked down to Pinocchio’s for our last meal with them before their flights home tomorrow. The chatter was about the Spanish Baggage Handlers strike that was starting tomorrow and the fact that Jet2 had warned us that delays were to be expected with flights. One of the things I do hate about all holidays is the number of elements like this that are outside of your control.

The meal was good as usual. I had the Grilled Salmon whilst Karen had the Tipica Pizza. She followed hers off with an Irish Coffee. Sharon & Iain headed off probably to find a Foam Pool Party in Old Town whilst we headed back. We were both really tired for no reason as we hadn’t really done anything all day and so just headed back to the apartment for the night.

There was another crowd outside Goofyburger listening to the oldest swinger in town belting out the last Showaddywaddy hit from 50 years ago although no one dancing this time. Karen commented that ‘He isn’t that bad, it’s just he’s not that good either’.

After a cuppa we retired.

The next morning, we woke to the best weather of the trip and decided it would be good idea to spend last day walking again to Matagorda to hopefully get brunch this time.

Whilst Karen was getting out of the shower her phone rang and so I took it to her. I could see from the caller id that it was her Mum’s care home. I could then see from the look on her face and the tears forming it was not good news. Karen’s Mum had fallen and broken her ankle and was in an ambulance on her way to hospital.

Karen then tried to contact her brother and sister in the UK both of whom did not respond to messages asking them to immediately contact us. We then had a debate whether we should try and get a flight home today. We were not sure if we could get one or what we could do as the earliest we could possibly home and to get to the Hospital would be 10pm tonight.

Eventually Karen’s brother responded just by saying he was at work. Karen then sent a long message saying what had happened and what we knew so far. She made the decision that we would get our flights home tomorrow as planned even though she felt guilty. The fact was though her siblings were still in the UK and should be able to respond far quicker than us.

We went for our walk in the lovely hot sunshine but the day was kind of ruined as Karen was racked with worry. When we got to O’Sheas in Matagorda we found a table and Karen then phoned A&E to learn her Mum was still waiting in the ambulance at the NNUH to be unloaded.

In its present format the NHS is just limping along and not fit for purpose in the 21st Century. The whole model and approach must change. It should not be decided by politicians instead an independent Royal Commission who should recommend the model and how it should operate for the next 100 years. Something needs to be done as whilst Karen’s Mum is waiting far too long to be seen it is tying up valuable ambulance staff.

After finally getting our long-awaited brunch, we headed back on what was the hottest day so far this trip.

Back in the apartment we learnt that Karen’s Mum was finally now in A&E and they had done a procedure on the broken ankle and were waiting for an x-ray to confirm it had worked. Karen suggested that one of her siblings could perhaps call A&E for the next update.

We sat for a while on balcony until it became too hot to do so.

Then as we were getting ready to go out for our final meal we had a message come through from Karen’s brother to say he had called A&E and was told that the procedure on the ankle had not worked and that she would need emergency surgery in the next day or so. The Hospital also stated that the operation carried a degree of risk given her age and other factors and asked whether the family would want to consider a DNR. Understandably this really upset Karen as it was the last thing she wanted to think about. There were more tears as she messaged her siblings they should all think about what to do. How do you make a decision like that out of the blue?

If it wasn’t for the fact, we had no food in the apartment we would have not gone out but we knew it was the sensible thing to do. We wandered down to Pinocchio’s where as it was still warm, we sat outside. I had the Tipica Pizza whilst Karen had the sole. She also decided she definitely needed an Irish Coffee tonight. We tried not to talk about the problems at home as Karen’s tears were not far away.

So, the final night on this trip ended quietly with a whimper as we sat and watched the news and then went to bed.

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