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2022 - November - Florida - Day 8

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

You've got a friend in me

You've got a friend in me

Another day with a 6.30am alarm. This time because we were heading to Hollywood Studios. We worked out that this calendar year it is the 6th different Disney Park around the world that we have been to. Yet we were still pleased to be going. Yes, we must be mad.

Barry & Ellie were heading to Animal Kingdom today and left at the same time as us today. Using Waze to give us directions taking into account the current traffic situation is interesting. Today it took us to the 192 but heading initially in the wrong direction before getting us to do a U turn and then taking us along a road we had never noticed before. It certainly got us there in good time.

The only strange thing about the drive was the fact that I couldn’t see much out of the windscreen for much of the journey as it just kept steaming up on the outside. In the end I had to resort to having the wipers on. Never had that before and assume it must be something on the windscreen.

After passing over another $25 for parking (grrr), we were soon outside the park waiting to be let in. Our first ride was Mickeys Runaway Railway which is quite new. I think it is controversial for the fact it portrays Mickey & Minnie in a new style of drawing. Being a traditionalist, I am not sure that I approve at all, but the ride is fun.

It was then time for our booking for Slinky Dog Coaster which we didn’t manage to get on last year. It is a fun family friendly roller coaster where the theming is excellent. This was followed by Toy Story Mania. Now I am not one for boasting but I was the clear winner and may have mentioned that once or twice at different points throughout the day, especially to Neil.

Whilst Neil went to ride Rock n Roller Coaster as a single rider, Karen & I sat and had a hot drink break from Starbucks. It was the fact we just needed a break and some drink more than the fact it was hot as the temperature was well on its way to its predicted 31c and we were glad to find some shade.

We all then did the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride although Karen took some persuasion as it is never her favourite and she was concerned that she may not be able to hold on tight enough with her arm. In the end she was fine. Karen and Neil then rode Star Tours which I ducked out of as I was prepared to wait in the 30-minute queue. I was quite happy to spend the people watch. There are very few British people here at this time of year. When you do hear a British accent, it really stands out. It does seem though it maybe the time of year for many fat people to holiday and some of them wearing the most inappropriate clothes. I suppose fat people do have to holiday at some time of the year.

Then we went to Star Tours Land where Neil got himself a Rota Wrap for his lunch. Whilst we were sitting there, Tom & Giovanna Fletcher came past us with their children in tow. They had their own Disney guide to take them round the park. Apparently, they cost about £5k per day but for that they do take you to the front of every queue and fetch your food for you. We were jealous and wondered how many millions we would need to be able to do the same as the obviously very rich Fletcher’s.

Neil and I then went and rode Rock n Roller Coaster together whilst Karen sat that one out. By then we had all just about had enough for the day and made our way out of the park.

Barry & Ellie were already back at the villa and we all soon joined them in the pool and Hot Tub. A fine old time was had by all as we put the world to rights.

Now Karen & Neil both fancied going to the Cheesecake Factory for a meal tonight so we reserved a table for 7.45pm at the nearest restaurant. We took a convoluted route there via the Outlets at the top International Drive as Neil wanted to have a quick look round. I ended up purchasing a pair of Skechers Orthotics Flip Flops which will help my Foot Plantar problem. They had another of these deals of buy one pair then get another for 50% off so like a mug I bought a pair of trainers to go with them.

The one benefit of there being loads of very fat Americans is that Skechers do a range over here of trainers with an extra wide fitting for their benefit. I also need these due to the drainage problem on my right foot and struggle with most shoes/trainers back in the UK.

We arrived at the Cheesecake Factory on time for our reservation. We kept being told our table would be ready in 5 minutes but it took me complaining when after 25 minutes before we were finally seated. I am not sure making a reservation gives you any advantage over people who are already queuing. I was not impressed and in a very British way said so.

The food was however very good and extremely large. I fancied an omelette and it was enormous and came with toast and loads of fried potatoes. Karen had a chicken pasta and ended up taking half of away to eat for lunch the next day. Karen & Neil also naturally had a slice of cheesecake each to go.

We then called into Publix to pick up more water and fruit for everyone.

Back at the villa with Barry & Ellie we all sat with our feet in the Hot Tub chatting away before everyone started retiring for the night. I sat and watched some of the World Series with Neil before going to bed myself. It had been another really good day.

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