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2022 - November - Florida - Day 7

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

One way, or another, I'm gonna find ya

I'm gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya

Despite this being a holiday, the alarm was set for 6.30am again. This time in order to be at the gate for the opening of Epcot. I went down to the kitchen for breakfast and found Neil already eating his. He apparently had had a bad night due to the noise from next doors air conditioning and so had moved rooms during the night.

He was also up to ensure that when the ‘boarding groups’ for the new Guardian of the Galaxy ride were released that we got one and at a reasonable time. Ellie was doing the same thing for her and Barry. Ellie snagged boarding group number 4 whilst Neil got us number 32. I was unsure exactly what this meant but it seemed they were both happy.

At 7.35am we were in our respective cars and heading to Epcot. There was a surprising amount of commuter traffic at that time but we were in the car park before 8am. For now I will gloss over the $25 car parking fee.

We were allowed through the gates straightaway but then held at a point just under Spaceship Earth. There was a space for me to sit on a wall. There are worse places in the world to pass 25 minutes in the beautiful sunshine.

Our first ride was Test Track that we did as single riders with no wait. Neil & I were in the same car. By the time we came off our boarding group was called for Guardians of the Galaxy was called and so we wandered over to it and bumped into Barry & Ellie who were doing the same thing.

The queuing area was long but we walked straight through it. The pre show set the scene well for the ride. The ride itself is possibly my new favourite ride ever. It was like an updated Space Mountain with the vehicles you rode in turning as you took the fast corners around the track. It was all set to a soundtrack from the movies. We had Blondie – One Way or Another which seemed perfect for the ride.

We all had enormous grins on our faces as we walked off the ride. I wanted to do it again but sadly you can only do once each day which is only fair given that it is new and gives everyone the chance to do it once.

Barry & Ellie headed off in a difference direction as Karen & Neil went to ride Mission Space whilst I went and fetched Karen a Starbucks and waited for them. They were not long and the coffee was still piping hot when she arrived back to drink it.

Then we headed over to Soarin as Neil had managed to book out time for that. Again using the Genie + pass meant we were able to almost just walk straight onto it. We love that ride and again it didn’t let us down.

Whilst we were in that pavilion we rode Living with the Land. I have no idea why we like this gentle boat ride through greenhouses but we all do.

The sun was no beating down as we sought for a seat somewhere in the cool. We ended up back in Starbucks where Karen & I ate some of the snacks we had brought. Neil went off to try some this from the Food & Wine Festival and came back with a deconstructed Corned Beef after already eaten some crispy sprouts as his starter – rather him than me. As Ellie later said – ‘a sprout is still as sprout no matter what you do it’.

All morning we had been trying to book Frozen the ride but it had been broken all the time. As compensation we had been given another free pass which we chose to use on Spaceship Earth. I have now done this ride so many times I can almost quote the words as narrated by Judi Dench. It does need updating but the building from inside and out absolutely fascinates me. It is one of my most favourite buildings in the world and I never tire of looking at it.

We then decided to head back to the villa. This is the big advantage of having a 14-day pass. We don’t feel we have to be in the park for 12 hours straight. Instead, we are aiming for just short bursts. Originally, I argued against a 14 day but the cost was the same as a 4-day pass so it kind of made sense if you say it quickly. It certainly should be more relaxing this way.

Barry & Ellie were already back and we soon all joined them in the pool and hot tub. It was fabulous and we had a lot of chatter and fun. These times spent together like this is so precious.

We decided to leave at 5.30pm to go to Disney Springs, whilst Barry & Ellie headed to the Polynesian Resort. Disney Springs as we arrived was quite quiet and so we decided to head to Blaze Pizza whilst it was not too busy. The pizzas were delicious as normal.

Walking round Disney Springs further we ventured into the Lego shop where both a Loop Coaster and the Home Alone house interested me. Both far too expensive and too large to buy here especially as I still have the Tower Bridge model at home to build. Once I have have done it so I will sell again for what I paid for it on eBay and perhaps use the funds to buy one of those new models instead second hand.

By the time we reached the Christmas Shop both Karen & I were done for the day and so although still quite early we made our way back to the car. We were back in the villa by about 9pm. I headed outside and relaxed again in the hot tub where I was joined outside by Barry & Ellie when they returned full of food and excitement after their Ohana meal.

Just after 10pm we tired and went upstairs to bed as we had another busy day planned for tomorrow.

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