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2022 - November - Florida - Day 13

So lately, been wondering Who will be there to take my place

Another beautiful morning greeted us this morning as we had a very leisurely start with no parks on the schedule for today. Instead after breakfast we had the luxury of a sit by the pool before finally heading out.

Our first destination was actually Epcot although not to go in the park but to pick up Ellie who had been in the park with Barry since it opened. Barry was staying in the park whilst we were taking her shopping in her first ever Outlet experience. We were all excited for her. Well Karen & I were, Neil was as non plussed as ever.

We had never done a pick up from Epcot but it was very simple and organised and Ellie was waiting for us. It was a short drive to the outlets and we parked in our usual place. We agreed a meeting point and separated into 3 groups. Karen went with Ellie whilst Neil and I went off on our own. I wandered into a few shops, bought a long sleeve shirt at 80% on a clearance rail but then had had enough. I went to the meeting point and waited a while before securing a table ready for everyone.

Everyone returned almost on time with a few shopping bags of bargains although Neil was most mysterious about his. I then went into the Starbucks and got us some hot drinks which we sat in the sun to enjoy.

After this it was then time for Ellie to enjoy her first ever experience of Publix as we had a few things we needed like rolls and fruit. I promised not to mention again the cucumber Karen picked up that at the checkout turned out to cost us an eye watering £4.50. I repeat £4.50 for a cucumber. Apparently, it was organic and had probably had stories told to it every night to encourage it to grow. £4.50, I know amazing and another example of why you should always check the price of something before putting it in your trolley. £4.50, unbelievable.

Back at the villa we soon put the shopping away (the cucumber went in the villa lock safe) and headed out to the pool where after a while we were joined by Barry who was full of tales from his day in Epcot.

We had a great time that afternoon in the pool and Hot Tub. It was for me one of the highlights of the trip so far. Everyone having a good time with lots of laughter and putting the world to right. The topics of conversation ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous and we stayed in the water until long after it had got dark (which was an hour earlier today after the clocks had gone back here overnight).

One thing we all agreed upon was how gormless most Americans are when they get in queues for food. You can be standing behind them for 10 minutes in a queue and it’s not until they get to the front and it’s their turn that they think to ask everyone with them what it is they want. Why couldn’t they spend the time in the queue sorting out their order? This happens every time. It is even worse when they are not queuing together and end up shouting to people who are standing or sitting away to get their order. Of course, being British we then just tut quietly under our breathe or in Neil’s case it would be a proper full roll of his eyes and a shake of his head.

Tonight, we decided that it would be nice if we all went out for dinner together. So as another holiday treat I had booked Saltgrass Steakhouse. The fact I had a potential $50 dollar voucher was another incentive along with the fact on our last couple of trips it had served up the best Steak we had had,

I drove everyone in one car with Neil squeezed into the middle of the back seat between Ellie & Karen which he was not impressed with.

Saltgrass has the look and feel of a proper Western Cowboy place. Once we had ordered I gave them our loyalty card and asked to use the credit on it. They initially said it didn’t contain any but when I showed them the amount that showed online on my phone, they agreed to recheck. To their credit they spent the whole time we were eating checking but although they still couldn’t see the same on their system, they honoured the $50 and took it from the bill. The steak was delicious and the best this trip although we felt overall it was let down by the sides which were OK but not to the same standard as the steak.

Once back we all headed outside and sat outside again around the pool chilling for an hour so supping beers and wine. Again, it was lovely and what I had looked forward to the most before this trip.

It had been a non-park day but one I had really enjoyed. Sometimes it not the place that makes the day but the people and their company.

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