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2020 - Lanzarote - Day 6 & Going Home

Our final full day and the sun was ready for us as we had breakfast on the balcony.

It was also the day when we were to be left all alone as everyone else had their flights home today. We don’t mind going away on holiday on our own but as we had been here with others we both agreed that it made the day feel flat. This was strange as most days we had done our own thing anyway only meeting up in the evenings. It was good to be able to catch up with everyone.

We would both describe Lanzarote as our guilty secret. There are things about it we really like and things about it we really don’t. We are fortunate in that currently we are able to have some wonderful adventurous trips and yet we keep Lanzarote on our annual schedule. It is comforting, relaxing and relatively cheap. Our favourite thing is definitely the walks but we also enjoy the fact of being away with others. I’m not sure if it was because everyone else was leaving but we both felt that we had done Lanzarote for this year and would not have minded too much if we also had been leaving today.

Glenn & Al popped across to our apartment to kindly bring us the drinks they had left over and say goodbye before we left for our walk to Matagorda. We had been in two minds whether to even attempt the walk because of the problems with Karen’s toe. In the end she strapped it up properly and took some painkillers. We also took it slowly with some breaks for her to take the weight off it. In the end we made it on what seemed like the hottest day so far. The walk and views were so much better in the glorious weather rather than the calima strewn skies we had before.

Eventually we arrived at O’Sheas and had to find Karen a table in the half shade to order our brunch breakfasts. As before both the breakfast and service were very good. After probably overstaying our welcome we slowly started to make our way back. We had to make a stop to get Karen a bottle of water. She was in alot of pain and was hobbling badly by the time we reached the apartment.

We sat on the balcony for a while before getting ready to go out for dinner. At the point of being boring we decided to go back to Napolenta because it was close and it was definitely the best quality meal we had had all week. We were given a table over looking the road and were treated like returning VIPs. I had the Fillet Steak which was even better this time whilst Karen had Salmon that she declared to be her best meal of the week. We both agreed that we had had more than enough alcohol for the week and no desire to go on anywhere else for a drink just for the sake of it and so went back early to the apartment to pack.

After a lovely cuppa on the balcony we were both asleep in bed relatively early. Early to bed….. Still waiting for the healthy wealthy and wise.

We were pleased to have a sensible flight time home the next meaning we didn’t have to get up early nor have to wait around all day for the flight. At 8am I popped to HiperDino to buy some rolls to make up and take on the flight home. At 9.15am we checked out and got in the rental car to drive back to the airport after stopping to fill it back up with petrol. We had used a massive 11 Euros worth. As we had already checked in, we went straight to Security which was busy but as they had all lanes open it was only a minute or so wait. Somehow Karen managed to lose her belt going through although I still think it will turn up in one of her bags when she fully unpacks. Of course it was apparently all my fault.

Cheekily we decided to try to get into the Lounge and managed it without any problem. It was small but quiet and had free food and drinks and so was good enough for us. Part of it was outside and we tried sitting there for a while but had to move when Karen got too hot. As ever the queue at the gate for the Ryanair flight was chaotic although to be fair it was caused by the attendants telling everyone to queue in the wrong place to start with. It was a bus ride to the plane which is always annoying. The flight itself was fine and even though she was two rows behind me I knew Karen would have sighed with relief when we took off as she was paranoid for some reason we would be not be able to get home because of the Coronavirus.

I was annoyed as usual at the Stansted Passport control queues. As the queue behind us started the stretch behind the barriers that decided to takeout the middle part of the queue (where we were) and start another queue at the front. We didn't complain as it probably saved us about 15 minutes. Miraculously my passport worked the eE gate for the first time ever at Stansted. After a toilet stop we made our way to the Meet & Greet office to collect the car. I was very impressed that our car was not only ready but was in the closest spot meaning we were in the car and driving within 25 minutes away of actually landing.

On the way home we had a Starbucks stop for Karen on the A11 and then went to Drayton Red Lion for a £4.99 carvery before actually going indoors.

Another good holiday successfully executed. We will be going back in 2021 but not yet sure when.

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