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2020 - Lanzarote - Day 5

Finally it was a beautiful morning that greeted me as I pulled back the curtains and opened the patio doors and by the feel of sun it was going to be a hot one.

After breakfast and a short time reading on the balcony, Karen was ready to go for our planned walk for the day down to the Old Town Harbour. Everyone else had their own plans for the day and so we set off alone.

We stopped at the usual Dos Mil for a coffee and tea which was ever were cheap and good. Then we set off further along the promenade only stopping to look around one shop which was a blessing. Karen had already bought the perfume she always gets whilst we are here in Lanzarote and the previous night had treated herself to the ‘final’ Pandora charm she had ‘absolutely needed’ for her bracelet.

At the harbour it was flipping hot. We walked along the boardwalk looking for fish but they all seemed to be elsewhere today. Karen got speaking to someone who told us that the cats that normally hang around the harbour are actually cared for and fed by someone from the council. However as they are all being gradually spade there are fewer of them.

The plan had been to have lunch at Mardelava, but as we were on our own we just didn’t fancy it and instead went back to the old Pinocchio’s where Karen had an omelette and I had the Tipica pizza, both of which were delicious.

Over lunch I kept up with latest developments with the covid-19 virus which seems to have hit a Hotel on the neighbouring island of Tenerife. I appreciate that it is a nasty virus but do wonder if even 30 years ago without the wall to wall news coverage would we have even known about it, alone have the hysteria that seems to be gripping the press. Or is it that the world is a smaller place and with so much travel it is almost inevitable that this will spread and there is not a lot we can do about it. Fortunately it seems that most people after a few painful days do make a full recovery. I think some perspective might help as well as the number who sadly die from the flu each year far exceeds those even infected with the virus at the moment. Perhaps it would be totally impractical but to eradicate maybe the whole world should self-isolate for 14 days, would that work?

After enjoying the sun for a while, we started the slow walk back, stoping again at Dos Mil where we had the same order but supplemented with a large slice of cheesecake for Karen.

It was then time to a nice long chill on the balcony where I got stuck into my latest Elly Griffiths book that was enjoyable. I had a short break in Reception where I took the laptop to connect the laptop to sort out some household admin.

At 7.30pm we met everyone in Reception to go to The Diamond Lounge for ‘Prinks’. Karen and I both enjoyed our cocktails. For dinner we ended up back at Napolenta where the Fillet Steak was top notch. The others had already decided for their last night to get a taxi down to Old Town to the Island music bar. Karen thought that we should go as it was their last night, but in the end changed her mind primarily because she was in real agony with her big toe and the hassle of getting a separate taxi. Yet again I was not disappointed but would have gone for a while for her sake. We both agreed that for us it seems a long way to go for music bar when others are much closer, but if all had the same tastes the world would be a strange place. Karen had not suffered ironically with her ‘toe’ problem since our last trip to Lanzarote. Like my heel problem it was self inflicted from her trying to wear normal shoes in the evening and then walking too far without strapping her foot up properly. Her chronic foot problem causes her toe to roll and rub. I suspected she had a deep blister as it seemed very sore to the touch. She said it was making her feel sick with the pain and in the end she really struggled badly to even get back to the apartment.

As it was only around 10am when we got back and such a lovely night I sat on the balcony for about 45 minutes reading and having a cuppa whilst Karen laid on the sofa with her leg up watching TV. It was bliss and is something I had missed doing this holiday. I love sitting outside in the twilight when it is lovely and warm. She got engrossed in some history programme so I left her watching it for a while and went to bed.

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