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Thats All Folks (For 2019)

That was the year that was.

16 flights, covering over 52000 miles. 91 nights out of the country. 4 Continents. All at a financial cost that I am too afraid to work out.

Would I do it all again? - Yes absolutely.

I have been asked about our carbon footprint, and my usual glib answer is that the planes will fly with or without us. I know that everyone can make a difference with single/collective action but would prefer that the pressure is put upon the airline to provide more carbon friendly ways of flying through solar or electric planes. It may seem unrealistic but who would have imagined the technology in our pockets some 20 years ago,

Our plans to slow down and book fewer trips going forward has not exactly happened and it looks like we have already have even more trips booked for 2020 with an ever growing list of new trips we would like to do.

Looking back at the 2019 blogs, there have been so many highlights - Iguazu, Kyoto, Tokyo Seas, the trees (so many trees) in California to name but a few. The best overall trip though was the last to Florida.

Karen & I both agreed that we would willingly give up all the other trips if it meant that all we could do is just fully fund the Florida trip again with the boys (and Ellie).

As ever none of this would be possible without the support, love, companionship and encouragement from Karen - Thank You!

I hope you have enjoyed reading these and keeping up with our travels. Once again I apologise for my poor spelling, grammar and formatting.

Heres to the next 12 months of travel.


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