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2019 - Florida - Day 19

Another glorious day greeted us as we were all up for a 8.45am departure to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge for breakfast at Bomo.

This was the first Disney breakfast we had booked since our very first time in Florida over 20 years ago when we went to the Contemporary Resort for Breakfast at Chef Mickey. That had involved audience participation whilst eating as well as a visit from Disney characters. The boys had assured me that the breakfast this time was to be much more civilised albeit a buffet breakfast with an African twist.

After a very short drive we parked at the Lodge and made our way in. Karen not being a fickle person at all now decreed that this was her new favourite Disney Hotel and the one that she was going to pay for us all to stay in when she picked up the large Premium Bond win that was undoubtably waiting for her on the front doormat at home.

There was a short wait for our table before we headed to join the queue for Breakfast buffett. The food was a mix between American and African. I stuck mostly to what I had heard of and recognised and thoroughly enjoyed the Scrambled Eggs with Goats Cheese and Chives which was quite exotic for me.

The boys were both very adventurous and tried lots of African things. Ellie stuck to the Elf Diet of their four main food groups - candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup. She had been sugar free for a few weeks before this trip and more than made up for it with this one breakfast. Overall we voted the breakfast a hit.

When the bill arrived the less said about it the better. I just handed over my credit card and didn’t look. It was worth it though for the food and experience and I didn’t regret it.

Once we had all let breakfast settle we went to explore more of the Hotel and in particular the grounds of the Hotel where all the animals roam. By now the sun was really delivering some heat. Around one side of the Hotel we were able to watch a Giraffe munching some leaves from a very close proximity. We also saw various Impalas, Pelicans and other creatures.

I have always said that this is the way to see animals. None of that sleeping in tents, then driving for hours to perhaps see an elephant in the distance on a real safari in Africa. Here you can just sit on your Hotel Balcony and they all come to you. Much more civilised and much more me.

Then we headed back to Disney Springs for another wander. It was a very hot wander though looking at all the shops and interesting things.

Then it was time to walk the newly opened Christmas Tree Trail. I think there were 24 trees all either decorated either around a Disney Film or theme. There was jolly Christmas music playing and snow being blown down upon us. Again they had one of the best Santa’s ever but it was a 3 hour wait to see him so I didn’t get the chance to sit on his knee. He looked the spitting image of Richard Attenborough in Miracle on 34th Street.

Everyone then split up for a while. Karen & I chilled outside Starbucks (with drinks of course). Neil went off to look at things on his own, whilst Barry & Ellie went off to spend the money we had given Ellie for her upcoming birthday.

Late afternoon was spent back in the Spa and Pool. It was bliss and it is this time spent together what I will remember and miss the most of this trip.

Early evening, the three of us had tickets for the NBA match at the Amway Centre to watch Orlando Magic play Indiana Pacers. It was an easy drive and we managed to finding parking for $5 only 2 blocks away. It was on a dodgy bit of land with long grass but others were parking there as well.

The Amway Centre is a great venue. Although we had cheap seats they had a terrific view. Orlando Magic are not very good though. They were 11 points up by half time but at one point in the final quarter were 13 points down. It was like the Pacers were just toying with them. It was a bit like watching Norwich play recently.

The best part of the match experience is the entertainment during breaks in the game. At half time they brought about 40 - 50 Military people (they were special guests as it is Veterans weekend) and played a very funny game of 'Simon Says’ with them all. They were all being eliminated so quickly. Karen put it down to the fact they are all trained to follow orders. The chap doing the ‘calling’ was so very good at it.

Then it was back home where we watched a bit of TV before retiring for another earlyish night.

Finally I need to give a plug to Barry & Ellie’s blog. It is far superior to this and much more interesting. If you haven't read it or cannot find it then do let me know and I will send you the link. I have tried to put it in this blog but it doesn't work.

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