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2019 - Florida - Day 18

Today felt like a day off as we had no specific early plans. It was a leisurely start outside by the pool with the sun doing its best to break through the clouds.

Karen and I nipped out about 9am to pick up some things like Bin Bags that we were running out of and to fill up with petrol. We were back by the pool within a hour.

We had an early lunch and then headed off out to Winter Summerland Golf with Neil. This time we played the Summer course and much to Neil’s annoyance I prevailed.

From here we drove to the Polynesian Resort where we had a quick look around. This would be my Disney Hotel of choice. I love the smell and feel of the place. It is also a great place to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from each night and somewhere we intend to return later this trip to in order to do just that. Yet again we managed to almost bump into Barry & Ellie, but this time decided to let them be as it almost seemed like we were stalking them.

We then headed to the Grand Floridian Resort on the monorail. This would be Karen’s choice of Hotel to stay in and is very posh. They have just announced that Trump will be staying here next month, so I expect it will be chaos with both security and protestors. There was a wedding that had taken place and they were having lots of photos taken in the Lobby. I tried to wave in the background to enhance their memories of the big day but not sure I will make the final cut. The shop that the Hotel make each year out of Gingerbread was still being constructed but as ever was very impressive.

We then hopped back on the monorail to the car and went back to the Villa for about a hour.

Tonight we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings at Formosa Gardens. This is always one of Neil’s choices. Wall to wall enormous HD screens showing sports surround you whilst you from every angle with a menu unsurprisingly consisting of wings covered in different sauces or rubs. Karen always choses the mildest available, I go for a medium hot rub on mine whilst Neil goes to the hotter end of the sauces. It’s not my favourite place to eat and I always think it is a tad overpriced but we cannot eat at Outback every night and this trip is not all about me. Besides it was a compromise as Neil choice would have been eating at the Food & Drink Festival in Epcot which is where we were heading next.

Then we drove to park at the Boardwalk in order to get free parking to walk into Epcot. As we got out of the car, for the first time this trip we all felt cold. The temperature had dropped to only 70f. At home we would be fine with that, but after the heat we had become accustomed to here, we really felt the difference. Karen & Neil had sensibly brought sweatshirts with them. I ended up having to wear my cagoule for warmth.

Epcot was heaving. Not only was it a Saturday night but also Veterans Weekend. The Park Busy Day predictor that we plan our days with was spot on when it said it was to be a 8/10 day in terms of capacity attending . This trip we have avoided any days above a 4/10 and managed some that were only 2/10. We were glad we were only popping in for a short while for a wander. At times we were reduced to shuffling along.

Our plan was a gentle amble around the World Showcase so Neil could get a Funnel Cake and Karen could get a beer. We managed both and I managed to watch and listen a bit to ‘Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’ who were playing tonight on the outdoor stage. They are a Swing Revival band and seemed a lot of fun. Our walk around the rest of the world slowed somewhat after that due to Karen starting to really suffer with some large blisters on her foot. Despite bandaging them up, she often suffers due to her problem foot and the way she rolls it when walking. We made it back to the Boardwalk where I was able to go and fetch the car whilst she waited with Neil.

Back at the Villa we found Barry & Ellie chilling in the Hot Spa. We all spent some time excitedly catching up, both outside and inside before retiring.

These holidays can be so tiring.

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