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2019 - Florida - Day 13

Yet another cloudy start which was again disappointing.

Barry & Ellie were up very early as they were off to visit Magic Kingdom. We were much more leisurely as we got ready to go to Typhoon Lagoon which was much closer and didn’t open until 10am.

As we pulled into the car park just as it was opening, there were only about a dozen or so cars in the car park ahead of us. The place was deserted and it seemed they had opened the park just for us. This was even surprising considering the other Disney Water Park was closed for annual renovations.

We went and found our preferred spot and had the choice from hundreds of sun beds and literally saw no one else in that area all the time we were there.

As usual we headed off to the Family Raft ride first of all. As usual it was fun actually getting in the raft itself, with Karen gripping the handles for dear life. I like this slide as you are transported on a conveyor belt on the raft to the top of the ride without having to climb.

It was fun but the water for some reason on this slide was not heated and it was blooming cold which led to some shouts from all three of us.

I then did another 2 person slide with Neil, which was notable for when we shot out at the bottom the raft we were on flipped over in the air tipping us both over and landing on our heads. This caused the lifeguards to check anxiously if we were both OK, which we both were.

As my back has been quite sore for the past couple of days I decided to avoid anymore slides and instead relax floating around the Lazy River whilst Neil went off and explored on his own.

The innovation this year in the Lazy River is that as well as having the rubber rings to float around on, there are also these chairs which are made from half rings to sit on and then float round. They are very comfortable and a welcome addition. Karen declined to try one as she likes to have her feet on the bottom at all times, but said I looked like a King floating on his throne going around. I enjoyed it so much that we made 2 complete circuits which took quite some time.

I then went back to dry off back at on our sun beds as the sun tried to break through. Karen & Neil went in the big wave pool where Karen was getting knocked over even in the shallower parts by the sheer force of the waves.

Just after 1pm we headed out of the park and back to the Villa via Publix. It’s amazing how quickly you get through some of the basic food items when there are five adults in the Villa, but a lovely problem to have. We bought some Chicken Tenders and some hot Ribs to have with some fresh bread for our lunch, along with some Mickey Ice creams and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

The afternoon was spent catching up with Barry & Ellie outside and mostly in the Hot Spa. We heard all about the rides they had managed to get on this morning. Although Ellie had been to Magic Kingdom once before it was many years ago when she was little and it all seemed new to her. She came out with the best quote of the trip so far with ‘It’s not such a small world after all, as that ride never seemed to end’. This time passed so quickly before we had to get ready for us to go to the Magic Kingdom for the first time this trip.

$25 dollar later and we made it to the car park. Today we ended up parking the furthest distance possible from the Tram pick up point. Then when we rode it, it only took us about 100 yards. Yet another Disney car park with loads of construction work taking place. The drop off still left another good 10 minute walk to the entrance itself.

We caught the monorail to the Transit & Transportation Centre and then some 45 minutes after leaving the Villa we were finally in the Park. Just as we were entering a ceremony was taking place. I assumed it was a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, but no. It was a daily ritual of taking down the USA flag. It seemed pointless, over the top and disappointing as I wanted to see the tree being lit up.

We had booked Fast Passes for the three mountains and headed to Splash for the first of these. It was fun as always and we didn’t get too wet, just splashed. Then we walked to Pirates of the Caribbean where there was a short queue but we were on the boats within 20 minutes before heading back to Thunder Mountain. By now it was dark and the ride seems so much faster and better when doing it in the dark. We were also at the back of the train which also made it better.

We then wandered slowly passed the Castle which looked stunning decorated with all the Christmas Lights. The People-mover ride came next. This is very simple and modest but an enjoyable way of seeing all of Tomorrowland lit up. I think as a ride it is often overlooked.

Then it was time for our final Fast Pass which was Space Mountain. I probably enjoy this one of the three the least as it is essentially just an old cat and mouse rollercoaster in the dark. Nevertheless it is still quite fun and of a decent length.

Karen got herself a tea from Joffreys before we headed to Casey’s Corner for a hot dog. Yesterday I moaned about Theme Park Food. For some reason I persuaded myself that a Hot Dog would be fine. I got the foot long Bacon & Macaroni Cheese one. It was about 6 inches too long for me. Note to myself - remember this in future no matter how hungry you are, Theme Park food is never great!

We went and found a position to watch the fireworks. Quite by chance we managed to secure possibly the best spot in the whole park and with no one in front of us. They were terrific and made better by the stunning animations projected onto the Castle. After this we made our way back to the Car via the Ferry and then choose to walk the entire way as it was quicker than waiting for a pointless tram.

Back at the villa, Barry & Ellie were waiting after their second visit of the day to Magic Kingdom as well. After swapping stories, everyone realised how they tired they were and the Villa was dark and quiet by 11pm.

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