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2019 - Florida - Day 12

Disappointingly we woke again to another cloudy day. It was still lovely and warm but I was just annoyed for the boys and Ellie. After all the effort and sacrifices they have made to be here the least the weather could do is to provide clear blue skies early mornings.

Despite gaining an extra hour in bed due to ‘Daylight Saving’ as it is called over here, everyone was actually up quite late due to the very late hour everyone got back last night. They all seemed to have had a good time at the Universal Halloween Night even if Neil found a few things to grumble about as usual.

By switching the pool heat to the Spa for a while I managed to get it actually quite hot. I stayed in it for about an hour reading. It was all rather pleasant and relaxing, and a fine way to spend the morning.

Around noon we were ready to set off for Epcot. Today we were taking 2 cars, and we set off first with Neil. There had been a Run Disney event earlier this morning which had finished by the time we arrived which meant they were filling in gaps in the car park. We ended up very near the front which was pleasing.

A quick stroll and we were in the park. Our first Fast pass was for Frozen, and as we headed in that direction we realised that the queue for Spaceship Earth was very small so we quickly rode that before heading to Norway for the Frozen ride. Both were very enjoyable, although we were stuck a while on the boat in Frozen as a disabled lady on the boat in front couldn’t get off it. It took 5 people to help her in the end. In all the commotion, we then missed Barry & Ellie who were at the front of the queue to get on the boat we got off and calling to us.

Neil then started his 'tasting tour’ around the world by having some Venison Stew, which I thought was a bit sad as we had just come off a ride featuring a large reindeer. We did manage to bump into Barry & Ellie before continuing ambling slowly clockwise around the world.

Karen was worried about having her first Starbucks free day of the trip and so consoled herself with some coffee from China and then some beer from Germany. I went for my traditional Lobster Roll from the American Pavilion. It was delicious but I could have ate at least another one, as being from the tasting menu it was not very big.

We then wandered around Japan for a while comparing it to our visit there back in May. We conclude that it was a good representation.

At this point we departed from Neil as I wanted to watch another performance from the Eat to the Beat concerts. This time it was Kris Allen. He had won American Idol a few years back (beating Adam Lambert) but I had no idea what songs or genre he was. In truth it was also a good excuse for a sit down as my back was for an unexplained reason quite sore today.

Neil went off on his own for a while whilst we first of all looked around Morocco before taking our seats for the concert. Kris Allen was good, and did have a great voice however he probably lacked a bit of charisma but it didn’t help that we didn’t know his hits. He certainly tried to get the crowd going but at these events where people haven’t come specifically to see you it must be hard to do so.

After meeting up with Neil again we continued our walk around the world and as is tradition stopped in the UK for Fish & Chips. They were expensive but quite nice. Despite best efforts I do get very fed up with all Theme Park food. The prices are high, the portions are small, the choice is limited, its not always great and being faddy the choices I like are inevitably unhealthy. I was already thinking of ways of not having to have another meal in the parks tomorrow.

With the hour changing it was now dark as we carried on and completed the circle round the world. Neil had another tasting snack (to add to the couple he had had whilst wandering on his own), before we went back to the Mouse Gear shop to purchase another Magic Band. Karen & I had one of the first versions of these released. Although they still worked for getting into the parks, the battery had gone and we were not getting any of the ‘vicinity’ photos of us on rides. As this was likely to be the only time we had the free Memory Pass on our ticket we wanted to take advantage of this (it was worth $199 dollars so I cannot believe I would ever actually pay for it). We worked out we both didn’t need a new one and so Karen generously decided I should have it. I bought a Navy one.

We then walked back to the Mexico Pavilion and rode the The Three Cabelleros Ride which was amusing. Finally we took up our position for the Fireworks almost directly opposite the American Pavilion across the Lake. It was the perfect position and we got the full effects of the display which we liked even more this time around. Neil was non plussed by it.

Back at the Villa we met up with Barry & Ellie and swapped stories of our day, Everyone was very tired and so it was all quite early when we all turned in for the night.

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