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2019 - Florida - Day 9

Our first wake up in this Villa started with Karen wanting it to be the other side of the Lake to catch the early morning sun. There is no pleasing some people.

After breakfast we decided to activate our Disney Passes and take advantage of the free round of mini golf that comes with it each day. We headed to Winter Summerland and played the Winter course. It must have been years since we played this one as I couldn’t remember it at all.

Not wishing to brag but my three holes in one in a row are probably still being shown on repeat on Sky Sports News and auger well for the 2020 Lanzarote Open that I will defend as current champion. I managed a very respectable 41 over the 18 tricky holes but only beat Karen by 3 shots.

We called into Target on the way back to get some new Swimming bottoms for Karen, as the elastic had gone in one pair she had brought with her. Co incidentally Target has a Starbucks so number 9 was purchased. We then had lunch by the pool and lazed by the 'wrong direction' facing pool which was now in the sun for a few hours. I spoke to Amazon again about my missing delivery. They agreed to make a refund so ending that saga.

Karen also used Skype to speak to her Mum. Today was the first time that the carers that we had arranged were going in and so we were keen to check they had done so. Everything was fine and so they just chatted for a few minutes.

Just after 3pm, we headed out to Epcot for the evening via the local Golden Corral. We timed our arrival to take advantage of the reduced Lunch prices before 4pm. We were also given the Senior Discount, making the all you can eat buffet was about £8 each.

The place was quite empty. It is not the most salubrious of places but makes a change. Some of the food is actually really good. In particular I love the Awesome Pot Roast. The meat is very lean and tender. Karen was very impressed by the Salmon she had as well as the chicken. After about 3 platefuls and 3 cups of tea, I was stuffed. Karen had left room for Carrot Cake and Peach Cobbler. I looked at my old favourite of Banana Pudding but resisted.

We then headed towards Epcot.

One of my pet hates in life is paying for Parking. Parking at Disney is $25 per day. Over 2 weeks that is an awful lot of money especially on top of the exorbitant ticket prices. As we were only going to be a few hours in the park I decided we should try parking for free at the Boardwalk and walking. The guard at the gate confirmed we could have 3 hours complimentary parking. I couldn’t see how they would monitor that and so we decided to risk leaving it even though we knew we would be longer.

It seemed strange entering Epcot by a different gate and finding ourselves straight into the World Showcase by the Lake. It was also lovely being able to enter with no time pressures or the feeling of needing to do everything in a day to make the most of our one day there. We wandered slowly along. It was still very hot and so Karen thought she would get a Fruit Beer to help her cool down.

The park was quite quiet. We headed to the outdoor American Theatre and found seats to watch Sheena Easton. Shade is provided by trees over many of the seats. It amused both me and the guy I was sat next to, that a large bird in one of the trees pooped all over the head of a chap sitting 2 rows ahead of us just before the show started.

Then is was time for Sheena. I will make my joke again that her start time for this show was 5.30pm which proves she no longer works 9 - 5.

I have always like Sheena Easton and wanted to see her perform. I would like to think it was just because of her voice and nothing to do with her looks or the fact she is worth a mint after investing in land in Nevada before the boom.

Anyhow she looks good for someone of 60, even if she has got through 4 husbands so far. Her voice is much raspier than it was. Interestingly she was a much much bigger star in the US than she was in the UK and many of the the songs she performed were just hits over here. She ended with 9 - 5, followed by For Your Eyes only, which she really belted out.

We then ambled slowly round the rest of World Showcase. We didn’t go in anything in particular as we wanted to save that for when the boys arrive.

We headed to Test Track where we decided to try the Single Rider queue. We were the only ones in it and they were calling us forward into a car before we even got to the end of the line. It was good fun as usual. Following this we had a Fastpass for Spaceship Earth which was not needed as there was no queue at all. We then overhead some people saying that the reason the park was empty was that it was the only one that didn’t have any specific Halloween activities taking place tonight, which was all the better for us.

It was still flipping hot so we purchased a couple of large teas and found a table in the Rose & Crown garden in the UK land which seemed appropriate. Normally tables here are like gold dust especially before the fireworks. We decided to sit and wait to watch the fireworks from our table. It was a new Firework display involving Fireworks from kites being flown from behind Jet Skis. It was all rather good and spectacular.

We then made our way back to our illegally parked car and made our way out with no problem.

Back in the Villa we had a glass of wine and watched another Shark Tank.

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