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2019 - Florida - Day 8

Today was our moving day. After all of our travels we are quite the experts at packing up but even we were surprised at how quickly we managed to do so. In fact we were so quick that for the first time we switched the TV on for a while to pass the time. It was the 'Kelly & Ryan' show. They are supremely professional at what they do, although I’m not sure Neil would name his hamster after Ryan as he did with the previous presenter Regis.

The weather seemed to be even hotter and stickier today as we left this villa for the last time. It had been really good and we think we may book it again.

We had a few hours to pass before we could get into the next Villa so we made a stop at the Ellenton Outlets that we were en route to allow Karen to look at some new walking boots. With her dodgy foot she has been told she needs some mid height ones. However they need to be wide enough to accommodate both her orthotic insole and her ankle brace. The women’s ones she tried on were not wide enough. She resorted to trying on Mens ones instead but they didn’t fit properly either, so the hunt continues.

Whilst we were there, the Starbucks was calling her name so we stopped for her 9th Starbucks coffee of this trip (Yes, I’m counting this time).

Then we hit the roads again and drove the 90 miles to Kissimmee. We had lunch outside at our favourite Panera Bread in Celebration. We sat outside. The sun was burning down and Karen had to move to the shade to prevent getting burnt. Then we went to the nearby Publix to stock up on some provisions for the arrival of our guests in the next couple of days. Walking round picking things for them up got us even more excited for their pending arrival.

Finally we went to the new Villa. It was huge, far bigger than any we have had before. The one disappointment was that a parcel I had ordered from Amazon that should have been waiting for us was no where to be found. I spent 30 minutes trying to find it and on the phone to Amazon. The issue was not resolved and the saga will no doubt rumble on.

After a paddle in the pool and an explore of the Villa we decided to head out to Disney Springs for the evening. It was like coming home. It was busy but not heaving like some times when we have been there. We wandered slowly taking in the atmosphere, however we didn’t want to go in many places/shops tonight as wanted the pleasure of doing that when the boys (and Ellie) are with us. We ate at Blaze Pizza, which is a favourite of mine. Anywhere that can cook me a bespoke tasty Pizza in 90 seconds is good by me, even if the process of collection is somewhat chaotic.

Back at the Villa, I watched the last few innings of the final match of the World Series on TV. It was all quite exciting although when the end came it was a bit of a damp squib as the Nationals won whilst playing away at the Astros and there didn’t seem to many ‘Away’ supporters at the match. Nevertheless it was the first time I have ever watched the end of the World Series live as such and something else I can chalk off my list.

Another day over and another day closer to the full on Disney experience.

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