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2019 - Dubrovnik - Last Day

Our last day was met with glorious weather yet again. We wandered lazily into breakfast and as we were in no hurry and lingered until we were the last sitting outside on the terrace. Check out was set for noon although our pick up time wasn’t until 3.15pm so we eventually drifted back to our room to finish our packing.

Today I really wasn’t feeling great and was glad that we had a leisurely day planned. I dosed myself up with flu tablets and tried to make the best of the day. After checking out and storing our luggage, Karen went and sat back on the terrace whilst I walked down the hill to the Bakery to get some food for our lunch. The sun was beating down as we sat and ate the cheesy rolls I had purchased, Karen had to move into the shade. We both sat reading to pass away the time and it was soon time to relocate to the reception to await our bus. This arrived a few minutes early and took us directly to the airport where there was no queue at the check in. Security was pretty quick too.

Using our Lounge passes we eventually found the Business Lounge. Whilst this was quiet, the chairs were very uncomfortable built more for their looks rather than comfort. The food choices was limited so we just grabbed a couple of snacks and some drinks. The time in here did seem to drag and for a while we almost had the place to ourselves. When we saw our plane land and taxi to the terminal we made our way down to the gate. It was a very quick turnaround and we were soon on board and took off on time. The flight itself was uneventful.

We were pleased to be the first off the train shuttle at Stansted and into a deserted Passport Control. As always happens here neither of out passports were recognised at the E Gates and we were sent to another queue but quickly seen by a real person. He identified in Karen’s passport that there is a tiny crease in the plastic above the line that is read by the machines which may cause the problem but could not see any reason why mine was not being recognised.

Our bags were waiting on the carousel, as was the bus to take us back to the car park. By the time we got home I was pleased to get back as I was feeling really lousy. This would be just a 24 hour virus - wouldn’t it?

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