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2019 - Dubrovnik - Day 4

Another lazy day start to the day with breakfast on the sunny terrace had us taking advantage of the free sparkling wine we discovered was on offer. The first glass went down very well and so we decided it would be rude not to have a second. We were feeling very mellow by the time we eventually went back to our room before walking down the hill to the Old City.

Todays plan was to ride the Cable Car up to the top of Srd Hill to see the views of Dubrovnik below and beyond. There was a short queue and like everything else in this City it was quite expensive to buy the tickets. Still when in Dubrovnik and all that.

The ride was reasonably quick and we were soon at the top. It was noticeably cooler at the top but the views were magnificent. We took some photos and then grabbed a table at the Panorama Restaurant. This was outside on a stepped terrace overlooking the City below. It was just as well it looked out that way as the view the other way was rather bleak looking over some grey desolate mountains. We ordered tea & coffee. Karen ordered the largest coffee on the menu but it was still far too small for her as she was looking for a bucketful like Starbucks. It was also quite breezy as we sat there so again Karen took advantage of one of the blankets provided.

We were then ready for the descent down which was uneventful. As we got off I spotted a local bakery and went in to buy a couple of baked cheesy ham roll things for lunch. They were delicious and the best food apart from breakfast we had found since we arrived. We found a bench and ate them in the warm sunshine. After a quick wander through the Old City for the last time we walked back up the hill back to the Hotel where we sat on the terrace for a couple of hours reading and chatting. I managed to download Line of Duty onto the Laptop for us to watch later that evening.

After a refresh in our room, we set off down the hill yet again determined to find a decent restaurant for the evening. We decided to keep outside the City Wall figuring that the price might be better and the quality higher. We settled upon a place called Horizont which was set on some steps overlooking the harbour. Each table was on a different level and it seemed to be run by a married couple who were run off their feet but doing a splendid job. Promisingly it also looked busy. I ordered Chicken Thighs stuffed with Cheese & Ham in a bitter orange sauce whilst Karen had Sea Bass in a rich prawn sauce. They were both delicious and we regretted not finding this place earlier. Karen even had the dessert which was a Lava Cake made with white chocolate. It looked fantastic on the plate and I should have taken a photo of it. The overall bill was not cheap but well worth it. By the time we had paid the bill we were getting quite cold sitting outside and were glad of a stiff warming walk back up the hill.

Back in the room we caught up with the latest Line of Duty episode before retiring to bed. As the day had worn on today I had not been feeling great with a tickly cough and lots of sneezing so was looking forward to a good nights sleep.

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