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2019 - Lanzarote - Day 8

Our last full day had arrived and we were keen to make the most of it.

We planned to walk to Matagorda and have some lunch before returning. The pace we set was gentle as we were trying to protect Karen’s knee/foot/toe and the sun was already beating down with no wind at all. In future blog’s it might be easier to just list what bit’s of Karen are not causing her any difficulties.

We had only got about a quarter of the way when we stopped to get a caffeine top up for Karen at a coffee shop in the sun just before we came to the first bay. She enjoyed the drink whilst I abstained but we didn’t linger too long because there was still a decent way to go to our destination.

In Karen’s opinion it felt like the hottest day of our trip even though the weather forecast had said suggested otherwise. It was a lovely walk and eventually we came to our destination which was O’Sheas which was yet another Irish bar. This place has a lovely setting overlooking the promenade and sea. We found a table that was half in the shade and sun that was suitable for Karen. Finding a table she likes is a dark art that I possess no knowledge how it works. Sometimes she wants shade, other times sun, sometimes we have to sit inside other times outside. There is no pattern or rhyme or reason that I can fathom other than it is so much easy for me to allow Karen to made the choice.

As it was now lunchtime and they were still serving breakfast we decided to combine the two. Karen had the ‘mini breakfast’ but I went for the ‘full Irish Breakfast’. They were both delicious as was the ‘Barry’s Tea’ which for a change came served in a pot with a proper mug.

We sat for a while watching the planes taking off. They were taking off over the sea today and we were unsure why. We enjoyed the view and let the food settle for quite a while but eventually we felt we should move so as to not outstay our welcome. It was blooming hot on the way back, and Karen was starting to suffer with her painful toe that was throbbing with every step. I think it is a deep blister but she was still unsure.

We called into Spar to get some rolls to make up for the flight home the next door before going back to the apartment to chill on the balcony for the last time.

Around 4pm we went out again to Cafe Ola to sit by the sea and ordered some chilled Cava’s. This is probably my favourite spot in Lanzarote and one of the best things we do. It was just a shame we had left this until the last day and we immediately regretted that we had not done this more often. We ordered more chilled glasses of bubbly and sat until the sun started to go down. It is such a chilled place and the bubbles really hit the spot at that time of day.

Back in the villa we started to pack up before going out again for our last evening meal of the trip. Karen chose Pinnochio's again as we planned to go and sit to listen to the music at The American Indian bar afterwards. I had the Fillet Steak which was very good whilst Karen went for the traditional Tipica Pizza. The service was as ever very good.

When we got up to leave, Karen was having even more trouble walking. She hobbled to the American Indian but when we realised that the band didn’t start for another 40 minutes she decided she was in too much pain to wait and wanted to go back. It was a slow walk with a couple of stops but we were back in the apartment by 9.45pm. It was a bit of a damp squib end to our final night out but Karen was almost in tears with the pain and it really couldn’t be helped.

We had a cup of tea on the balcony and then retired for the night. It had been a really good trip but on reflection we both felt we were ready to go back home and that 8 days here was enough as we didn’t want to get to point where we were scraping away for things to do. We plan to return again next year.

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