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2019 - Lanzarote - Day 7 - Playa Blanca

This was starting to get boring as we woke up to glorious weather yet again.

The plan today was to get the bus to Playa Blanca and we were just about to set off when a wise man (Stuart) arrived at our door bearing traditional gifts of water, shower gel, honey, and coffee that they had left over. Very welcome they were too, although I did think that I smelt rather like Julie after I had showered that evening.

The bus was scheduled to be at the Casino at 10.12 and Karen made sure we were nice and early in case we got lost during the short 3 minute walk to the bus stop. In the event it was running a few minutes late. We paid the 2.75 Euros each and found our seats. It was about a 35 minute journey that was very pleasant. We went through Puerto Calero where we had walked to earlier in the week and then passed the Camel Safari, up and over the mountain through Yaiza down to Playa Blanca. After we alighted at the bus station I checked the running of the return bus which seemed to be running every 30 minutes.

Playa Blanca is a pleasant enough place although quieter and smaller than Puerto Del Carmen. It has a nice bay to walk around with several restaurants overlooking it. We walked the length of the bay before settling upon one of the more expensive ones as Karen’s choice for a late breakfast. I had a small but delicious scrambled egg whilst Karen went for an omelette.

We thought we would walk to the nearby marina which had a lovely walkway to it. It is a reasonable distance around another sandy bay and we passed the Hotel where David Cameron had stayed previously. The marina is very pretty and we found another cafe overlooking the marina and I had an order of Canadian potatoes for my lunch. The cafe was very popular and with the quality and prices we could see why. However Karen took umbrage at the parenting skills or rather lack of them of the people at the next table. They were Brits who Karen deduced worked full time and had no idea how to bring up their young daughter. Karen raged it would be left to teachers like her to sort out child when they get to school. I nodded silently as it is best not to interrupt her when she is in full flow!

One of my friends is staying in Playa Blanca in 4 weeks time and I had decided to hide a penny for him to find. It used to amuse us immensely when we used to do this years ago for family. So down near the marina I found a suitable place that I thought would be easy to find and yet lay undisturbed and unclaimed by anyone else in the meantime. It is so much easier now as I was able to take a photo of the vicinity and send it to him.

We wandered slowly back to the main part of Playa Blanca and Karen was finally successful in her hunt for the perfume she had been looking for. I had been trying to help but as she was uncertain of the exact name it made it difficult for me to help. My help finished with me having to pay.

I like visiting Playa Blanca but I am not sure it is somewhere I would necessarily want to stay here any longer. As we had a few minutes before the bus, we got some fruit and snacks from Spar before heading back. The journey back was just as interesting as the ride there. It took exactly 1 hour from getting on the bus to us to me sitting back reading my book on the balcony again. It was a jolly nice day out for the 11 euro total fare.

This evening and our first ever evening alone in Lanzarote we chose to eat at The Little Elm which is one the top rated restaurants here. However it was fully booked when we arrived and so we went next door to the Pizzeria Napolentena again where we were welcomed liked long lost friends. We were given a great table overlooking the street below.

Karen decided we should push the boat out and we ordered some Garlic Prawns as a starter. They were fabulous. I then ordered the fresh pasta and Karen the Lasagne. These were a world away from the pasta we had had at the Trattoria a couple of nights earlier. They were both delicious and tasty. Karen then tried the Irish coffee which got her full approval and by then end we were almost reluctant to leave. We were given free shots with the bill and walked away happy. We were both quite tired after our exertions of the day and from previous late nights and so decided to head back for an earlyish night.

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