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2019 - Lanzarote - Day 2

Our first morning and broken cloud greeted us. It was warm though and we had breakfast on the balcony overlooking the sea, attracting some inquisitive parakeets.

We then caught up on some holiday ‘admin’ and I started to read the latest John Grisham ‘The Reckoning’.

At 11am we met the others in Reception and decided to walk down to the Old Town for coffee and cake. The weather was perfect for a leisurely stroll and lots of chatter and laughter as we went along. Although it was a decent walk, the time passed quickly and we soon reached the small marina. We found a suitable cafe type place and had 5 coffees and cake with just a tea for me. It was very pleasant and almost seemed like we were holiday.

After walking further along the boardwalk looking at the large mullet swimming in the crystal clear water beneath we headed back. It was almost 2pm before we hit Hiper Dino Supermarket to get some baguettes for lunch. Back in the apartment we ate these with gusto as we were quite hungry by then with some boiled eggs and very tasty it all was too.

Then the skies really clouded up and the temperature dropped and it almost became somewhat chilly. I spent the afternoon reading whilst Karen decided to tackle the Safeguarding CBT’s she had been putting off completing. As ever Karen approached these most diligently wanting to get a 100% pass rate. This meant her watching every video clip and taking copious notes as she went along. Everyone else I know (and especially me) always look at these mandatory CBT as a chore and try to do the minimum to get through them as quickly as possible and not bothering if we have to redo them. Unsurprisingly Karen took much more than the estimated time for each module. Just as well we had plenty of spare time!

In the evening we met everyone again at 7.30pm and went for ‘Prink’s' before dinner at The Diamond Lounge where we all enjoyed alcoholic drinks of some description. Karen and I both indulged with some lovely cocktails. This was followed by a lovely Italian meal at Pizzeria Napolentana which I can thoroughly recommend.

The evening finished at a bar called The Dubliner. This is somewhere we have been many times before. Sometimes it is deserted and sometimes not, tonight it had a small crowd. As the name suggests it is one the ubiquitous Irish bars you now find wherever you are in the world. The live music is provided by someone called Dave who we presume owns the place and an accomplice who changes each time we have been over the years. The duo are more talented musicians than singers and could probably try to turn their hands to or ruin any type of song you can name. The more alcohol you drink the better they sound though. I think that could be a metaphor for many things in life actually. Dave has such a thick Irish accent that we really have little idea what he was saying between songs. The bar was doing slow business as people were there to talk and listen rather than drink. I really do not know how these places make enough money to keep running. What intrigues me is the number of people who take on these businesses. Do they think it will be easy and the money will just roll in? At best for most it must be a labour of love. We left about 11.30pm leaving the others to indulge for a while longer.

Although we had had a good day overall, the temperature this afternoon did lose Lanzarote some overall points.

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