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2019 - South America - Day 15 - Buzios

Man, it's was a hot one - just 7 inches from the midday sun…… (bonus points for knowing the song)

Our last full day in Brazil. As much as we have enjoyed the down time and the place, there really isn’t much to do here. Whilst that may suit some people - this doesn’t suit us (or me in particular). I am now on my second book on my Kindle since arriving here and there is only so much reading I can do at a time. It might be better if our room was bigger but it is really small. You either sit/lay on the bed or stand. Only one of us can be moving around at a time. We have also enjoyed our evening trips to the town, but we would like to have been able to visit during he day as well but the shuttle only runs in the evening and its far too far and dangerous to walk.

Anyhow after another sunny breakfast eaten outside we decided to venture back to the coffee place we had found the day before. Karen’s knee was sore after our walk on the flagstones the previous evening so the walk was actually a very slow amble. It was one of those days where we would have got less hot if we moved quicker as the sun was burning down and there was no breeze or shade. By the time we arrived, Karen looked like she had completed a marathon. I would say she was sweating profusely all over, but she would not appreciate that so instead she glistened from perspiration all over.

As it was a Sunday, the coffee shop was heaving and we could only find a table inside the bakery part. Karen struggled with ordering tea as no one in this part of the coffee shop understood a single word of English but we got there eventually. The only trouble was the cups were not much bigger than espresso ones and so we soon drunk them and wanted another drink. Karen’s effort in trying to order Orange Juice's failed miserably as they seemed to just think we wanted to pay our bill. In the end we gave up and paid and then just moved tables to the other side of the cafe and had more success in ordering 2 cold freshly squeezed Orange Juices from there. After sitting a while we made our way back via the Supermarket for the last time. However when we got back the novelty of eating the rolls with some tinned tuna for the 4th day running had run out and we both struggled eat them. We know when we have had enough of a place when we both start craving other food. Today we both fancied a ‘Craske’ Sausage roll.

After lunch we both sat and read outside for a while before taking our usual late afternoon stroll to the beach. However the novelty of this was now gone and even Karen got fidgety after a while so we left to go back to get ready to go into Town for the evening.

By now the shuttle driver recognised us. This was just as well as he had to check room numbers off for those who had booked the shuttle. He spoke no English at all and we had had to sign him our room number by holding up our fingers. For the first time the shuttle was full and so we had to sit at the back where the journey was even more bumpy.

Tonight we decided to wander in a different direction to before and found even more shops and restaurants. Karen fancied a Pizza so eventually we returned to the place we had ended up taking one away as a takeaway the first night. The place was empty which we thought was strange. The waiter came over and spoke to us in Portuguese. We said ‘English?’ to him, to which we got the reply ‘I cannot speak English at the moment’ and walked off. We just burst out laughing at the absurdness of it as he spoke that in almost perfect English. Another waiter came over and then explained in broken English that the ‘kitchen was closed as they had problems and would not be open for 30 minutes’. So we left and walked to another Pizza place we had seen.

This restaurant provided us with an English version of the menu and a very helpful waiter. However our Pizzas were just OK. There were some Botofogo fans watching the game in the restaurant watching the match that was being shown live.

Back at the Hotel we opened a bottle of wine. It was a Brazilian Rielsing I had purchased at the Supermarket as it had a screw top. It was not good and not to be recommended. Before retiring we started our packing for our departure the next day.

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