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2019 - South America - Day 14 - Buzios

Another hot sunny morning greeted us as we went to breakfast. I persuaded Karen this morning that we should walk to Porto Da Barra which is the other side of the peninsula from where we were, about a mile away. I had read that it had some nice restaurants and bars as well as more importantly for her - a coffee shop. I would have liked to gone there one evening but it was a bit far away and the paths were non existent so not great in the dark.

We trundled slowly in the sun. As ever when you are not 100% certain where you are going it seemed to take an awful long time. When we got there we were not disappointed. Although most establishments were not open yet, it was a very pleasant bay with walkways and shops as well. We found a couple of adirondack chairs in the shade and sat watching the sea gently lap onto the beach. It was quite serene. After exploring and finding the place where the local fisherman sell their catch we went to the much anticipated coffee shop called ‘Golden Coffee”. It was going a good trade but we found a table in the shade. I had a nice Twinings tea with cold milk whilst Karen had the largest coffee on the menu which a latte of sorts but still in what we would call a small cup. The coffee shop even had free Wifi providing you ‘liked’ it on Facebook. We sat for quite a while and it all felt very civilised. The place had a Florida type feel about it and Karen vowed we would come back here the next day.

On the walk back we passed the supermarket and so called into to buy some more fresh rolls for lunch. We then sat in the Hotel gardens for a while reading in-between checking the football scores at home. I have been pleased with the Wifi in the Hotel as it has worked most of the time, even allowing me to stream things when required.

At 3.30pm we made our way down to the beach again to utilise the Hotel chairs and parasols. Being a Saturday the beach was very busy. If it wasn’t for the shade from the parasols then I don’t think we would bother with sitting on the beach as it would be too hot, but as it was there was also a cooling breeze which was just as well as the thermometer was hitting 36c.

Now it is probably the right time for me to comment on the beachwear worn by the Brazilians. About 50% of men/boys wear what we would we call normal shorts otherwise known as board shorts. It's the other 50% that raise an eyebrow. They not exactly speedo’s but they are very short and very tight. Men of all ages wear them. Invariably they wear them with no top on wherever they are, supermarket, bars or just normal day to day life. It is not a good look. As for the ladies/girls - well, well indeed. Topless bathing is prohibited and so no-one does it. Most of the tops are however some flimsy. These they seem to wear in the supermarkets and such like, they do not cover up in most places. It is the bottoms that are even more disconcerting though, although this are usually covered up with sarongs and the likes off the beach. Quite bluntly, everywhere on the beach there are just almost bare female buttocks. Now there are some who more than get away with this look. However without being too rude there are far too many who don’t and perhaps would be better off exposing less. Yet there was no one who looked at the least self conscious and so perhaps its just down to my prudish English ways.

The real positive is that the Brazilians do seem to be a real integrated rainbow society. Families and groups of friends seem to consist of people of all shades and colours and it is great to see. This is how it should be and hopefully will be the world over eventually.

After cleaning up after being for the beach for a while we headed out to catch the 7pm shuttle into town. Tonight we had decided to eat at a place called Madam Bardots (there was a theme developing here) which directly overlooked the sea. It was in a picturesque setting. We ordered a couple of cocktails to begin with before ordering the Fillet Mignon for two. It was lovely and served on a sizzling hot plate. After Karen had an Acai based dessert, the bill was by far the highest we had paid but we felt was worth it. We tried to wander further along the streets which were bustling as it was a Saturday night but Karen’s feet and knee were getting sore walking on the even more uneven flagstoned road, so we made our way back to the shuttle pick up point and back to our Hotel to retire for the night.

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