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2019 - South America - Day 13 - Buzios

Today Karen was keen to get into breakfast nice and early so that we could go for walk along the beach before it got too hot. To be truthful I think even if we went at night it would still be hot on the beach. Breakfast itself was only remarkable by our realisation that we remembered we had brought some tea bags from home with us in my suitcase and so like naughty school children we sneaked them into breakfast with us to use instead other lemon teabags. The tea tasted heavenly and we both savoured 3 cups of it before leaving.

Fortified we headed to the beach and walked along the waters edge all along the bay. It was actually further than we realised. The beach itself was quieter as it was early and as we walked we were getting a lovely sea breeze on our faces. It really is a lovely bay although bereft of any cafe/bar facilities apart from a few stalls. There were also lots of people jogging along the waters edge.

After this we headed back to the Hotel where Karen sat and read on her chair outside whilst I sat inside replanning our route and Hotels for our August holiday. After doing this for a while I decided to take a walk in the midday sunshine to the supermarket to get some things for lunch. I downed a bottle of coke as soon as I got back and then joined Karen outside as we both read for a while longer.

We had our lunch rolls quite late before heading back to the beach late afternoon. I sat watching some lads play 'keepy uppy' quite close to us, the first instance I had seen of Brazilians playing with a ball on the beach. Now I am really no expert but their skills were quite extraordinary. They were so nonchalant about it as the ball never seemed to touch the floor. Different lads/adults kept joining in and they were all comfortable controlling the ball with their feet, heads, shoulders, knees and wherever. They just seemed in total control and it seemed effortless. I decided not to join in and instead listened to the Lineker/Baker podcast.

By 5.30pm we were back in our room. I set the VPN on the iPad and logged into Sky Go with no problem to watch the match from Carrow Road before catching the shuttle into town again. It was a great first half and I shouted loudly for each of our 3 goals. At half time we had to leave though to not miss the bus.

Tonights journey was much quicker than the previous night although just as bumpy. We headed straight down the side streets to the main drag. We went into a restaurant called ‘Le Bardot’ partly because of the magnificent view and partly that the waitress standing outside spoke some English and brought us a menu to read in English. We were tempted by the Fish special and so went inside. Whilst ordering I got onto the Wifi and found that City had indeed won 3-1 and I hadn’t missed any goals. The fish special we ordered was a big plate of Dorada for two covered in a shrimp sauce with smashed potatoes. Despite our reservations when it was served it was delicious and very filling. We ate as we watched the sun go down and the lights around the bay came on. It was all quite romantic and pretty. Karen then decided she deserved a dessert and devoured a homemade chocolate brownie with ice cream.

After paying we walked further along the promenade where we came across the Bridgette Bardot statue commemorating how her visit put Buzios on the map. Naturally she wanted her picture taken with me. The promenade was quite narrow and busy with people. Worryingly there was quite a drop down to the sea and rocks but in typical Brazilian style no barrier to protect you if you slipped. We turned around and wandered back stopping to get Karen a Buzios magnet before getting on the shuttle bus back to the Hotel.

We have slowed down since arriving. The place has kind of grown on us and we are glad we have come. That isn’t to say that it is somewhere where we think we will ever want to come back to, although it is good to see Karen more relaxed and not tense about being here anymore.

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