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109 Nights - 56500+ miles flown

That was the year that was.

Not sure we will ever do quite so much in such a short period again. 4 continents, 109 nights out of the country and flown the equivalent of more than twice around the world. Spent more money than I would ever like to calculate.

Memories though that will last a lifetime.

We've had many more highs than lows and everything in-between. It is so difficult to pick out the highlights as there were so many and any lows soon fade away.

Would we do it all again - absolutely in a heartbeat. In fact we now have 12 weeks of adventures already booked for next year and tomorrow we are off to get the jabs needed for the first of them.

Writing this blog has served many purposes. Firstly it is a record of where we have been and what we have done - when. It has also been a way of informing anyone who is interested, what we have been up to. Finally it has been a salutary lesson to me in really how poor my writing and grammar is. Reading some of it back now - I cringe. I have just extracted all the blogs to try to print them. In doing so I ran them through the Word Spell/Grammer check and was horrified by how poor they are.

Finally - this blog is dedicated to Karen without whom none of this would have been possible or worth doing. She puts up with a lot from me. She is my rock and adventure partner.

Thanks for reading. X

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