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Florida 18 - T2 - Day 12 - Disney Springs & Boardwalk

Another lovely morning and so I decided to go for another early walk before anyone else was up. Today I remembered my headphones and so I listened to a Desert Island Disc podcast as I walked and it was blissful.

We all had another lovely morning by the pool. At 11am we started to watch a stream of the Norwich match away at Sheff Wed. We had agreed to leave at half time to have Barrys first wander around Disney Springs. We were running late and so were able to see the first 2 goals in what turned out to be a terrific 0 - 4 away win.

Today we parked in Lime Garage which was rather full so ended up on he roof for the first time. Our first task was to get some lunch, and Karen secured a table outside the poutine store which Barry planned to have for his lunch. Neil headed off to Earl of Sandwich to purchase his lunch whilst I headed in the opposite direction to order a couple of takeaway individual pizzas from Blaze, which is a real favourite of mine. We all met back with Karen to eat our food although not all at exactly the same time.

Barry & Neil then went to explore the Disney Store whilst Karen went to fetch hot drinks from Starbucks for the both of us. When we met up again we headed to Ghirardelli's where after finding another table I was despatched to get ice creams for everyone (except me). It took ages as Barry & I waited. There loads of people busy behind the counter but seemed to be only person actually preparing the orders.

The ice creams were worth waiting for and it is the only place I allow myself to break my self imposed sugar ban by having a couple of spoonfuls of Karens chocolate ice cream. It is very chocolatey unsurprisingly but 2 spoonfuls is enough for me. We sat and enjoyed the sun for a while and then went inside the shop to get Karen's free chocolate samples for the day.

We continued our walk around spending some time laughing at the Disney pet clothes and then the items in the Christmas shop.

Eventually we ended up in the Jock Lindsay bar sitting on the veranda. This time I was despatched to get everyone beers. I managed to confuse the system by getting them from the bar which it seems you are not allowed to do if you have a table despite a big notice advising you to 'seat yourselves'.

For me this was one of the highlights of the trip so far. The weather was perfect, we had our boys with us and everyone was chilled enjoying each others company. At one point we were laughing so much that Neil couldn't get his words out. It began when he said how would hire out the Magic Kingdom just for himself if he won the lottery. He would want all the staff in, including the characters which he would just walk past and ignore. He said he also wanted all the car park trams to be operating but there would be just his car in the car park. The absurdity of it all really tickled us all at the time.

Eventually we continued our slow walk round Disney Springs and then headed back to the Lime car park and drove home. I dropped the three of them off and went straight back out again to fill up with petrol and get a couple of things from Walmart.

I was then back in the villa for about 20 minutes before we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings for our meal. This is a full in your face sports bar that specialises unsurprisingly in Wings. The boys both went for a plateful of Hot Wings, Karen had a plain Chicken Salad whilst I had a Caesar salad with a snack portion of boneless wings. Neil argued that boneless wings are just nuggets by another name. There was a college ball game on many of the enormous screens and there was a lot of hollering as the points were scored by other people in the restaurant.

Then as planned we drove to the Boardwalk for a walk round which is something we always enjoy. The temperature had dropped and we were on the verge of needing sweatshirts but managed without. The Boardwalk is so beautiful at night as walked and chattered our way round. It us a lovely place to be and special to all of us.

As we were planning an early start and despite of the hour going back (meaning the boys had benefited from in twice in a week) we were all in bed early tonight.

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