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Florida 18 - T2 - Day 8 - Disney Springs

A lazy start to the day, although we had been woken at 4.20am today by an agency offering Karen a days work for when we get back home which she accepted. The weather was glorious so we sat by the pool all morning.

After I had got some holiday 'admin' out of the way I finished reading on my kindle the third part of the Alan Johnson biographies. Some parts were boring (the in depth organisational parts of his time at different government ministries - yawn) whereas other sections were fascinating insights into some of the more recent political situations.

I also even found time to get stuck into a crossword. At the point I get stuck I hand it over to Karen who takes great pleasure in getting a couple of them which then helps me in resolving a few more. Crosswords I think get easier the more you do as your brain 'learns' how to get into them. I generally prefer the general knowledge type rather than the cryptic ones as that does take more devotion to acquiring the technique to solve.

We had an early lunch at the villa before venturing back to Disney Springs with Neil for a good mosey around. Neil being the expert on all things Disney, had an endless stream of facts and stories about Disney as we walked around. We had a good fun time looking in various shops and places. Karen only managed 2 Ghirardelli chocolates today and was disappointed that Neil actually wanted to eat his own. She did however manage to sneak a Starbucks in.

The heat now was intense as in the shade it hit 87f and so eventually we wandered up to the House of Blues where Karen & Neil had a beer and I joined them with a Diet Coke. It was all rather lovely.

We headed back to the Villa where we sat outside again for a while before going out to a new place to eat. We went to Giodarnos. This is a Chicago Pizza style restaurant and was relatively close by. We were told when our order was taken that the Pizzas take 40 minutes to cook. This is because they are about 2 inches thick and have to be cooked slowly. They were flipping enormous and I have never seen anything like them. What amused me is that I saw several tables order their Pizzas then each of them just eat one piece each and have the rest put in a box. Karen & Neil shared one and Karen struggled to eat 2 pieces. They were really good.

On the way back to the Villa, Neil wanted a quick look round Target. In the end he didn't purchase anything but I ended up with a new pair of Levi's. I wanted to buy this to wear at Carrow Road - anyone think it would be a good idea?

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