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Canada - Whistler - Day 13

Today was a planned chill day with the car safely ensconced in the car park we were looking to walk everywhere.

We still woke up reasonably early and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of hot porridge in our room. Then we got on with general holiday chores before sitting on our balcony for a while. The weather was bright, fresh but not overly warm.

Around 10'ish we decided to explore the village properly and went on a walk round the shops and sights. It very much reminded us of Disney Springs and didn't feel like a real place as such. The shops were mostly upmarket concentrating on Skiing clothes and accessories. The prices also reflected that. We started with a coffee for Karen in another of the three Starbucks all of which are within a few hundred metres of our apartment.

There was a world championship Mountain Biking event taking place in the resort and so there were riders and bikes everywhere. We found where the event was taking place and wandered around the very specific trade stalls. It was all very busy and so we decided to go back to the apartment for Lunch. I picked up an Aussie pie from a takeaway back with me to eat on the balcony. Karen ate her leftover Pizza from the previous night.

After another chill out time spent reading we decided to go on another short walk to the Upper Village. Well it should have been a short walk but I managed to get us hopelessly lost and we managed to walk over 1 mile in the wrong direction. Somehow we turned the wrong way after crossing a car park. After about 20 minutes we came across a map which showed we were going wrong, so I thought I corrected us but actually took us even further away from our destination. Karen was actually very understanding. It is most unlike me to get my direction and sense of direction so badly wrong. I was so confused how I went so wrong and it wasn't until we reached where we had gone wrong that I worked out what I had done.

Eventually we made it to the Upper Village which seemed posher than the actual village. We found a good bar and sat outside having some wine and a local beer.

The route back to the apartment was remarkably short compared to our route going. Karen got changed and we went out again for dinner at Pasta Lupino opposite the apartment. This was a very intimate restaurant which had fantastic reviews and was very busy. Everything was home made and of great quality, especially the complimentary bread.

Tonight we were served by another fellow Brit. It is remarkable how many youngsters are out here working, alongside many Aussie's and people from NZ.

We went back to apartment where we chilled before retiring for the night.

Today had felt like a day off from the holiday and seemed a bit strange. But we were both quite tired and so this was good time in great surroundings to catch up. Tomorrow we start again on exploring the mountains and other sights.

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