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Canada - Kamloops - Day 11

Most days on holiday are really good days. I try not to go too overboard with my descriptions. I also deliberately do not try and make things sound better than they are or make out we are having a good time when we are not.

However today was not a great day. In fact it was just OK.

We were woken by a call from saying that the credit card that had reserved the next Hotel room had expired. Easily sorted but annoying to be woken up about.

Breakfast was pleasant enough and we were soon packed up and checked out. After filling up with petrol we went and found a pharmacy to get something for a mouth ulcer Karen had developed. This was the result of her chipping a tooth on something and the tooth now rubbing on her gum. We had already called her Dentist this morning by Skype to make an emergency appointment for when we get home.

The drive was long but uneventful. We played some music and then listened to another Podcast. The scenery changed from mountains to gentle hills but wasn't that special. At a place called Sicamous I stopped to get for a break at a Tim Hortons coffee shop. We had a drink but Karen was not enamoured by the coffee.

We then started to pass a large lake on our left that was not mentioned in the guide book. It was actually quite pretty. At a place called Sorrento we stopped at a Subway to pick up some food for lunch and then found a community park next to the Lake to eat our food. We were watching an older guy float in the Lake in an inner tube and when he came out he had a chat with us and we learnt a bit more about the place.

From here we drove to Kamloops. A most peculiar large town. It stretches for miles but is only a couple of blocks wide in most parts. Despite it being on most organised tours of the Rockies it has few redeeming features and we were most disappointed. After finding out room wasn't ready in the Hotel we headed for Downtown as the guy we met at the Lake said the Riverside Park was worth visiting.

We had arrived on the first day of RibFest. Riverside Park had been taken over. It was like a carnival. Like Revelstoke they were holding a music festival over the summer, this was also in the park. There were plenty of people running the event about but few real people attending.

It was by now getting really hot. It had hit 38c on the drive to Kamloops and was tipped to hit 40c. We wandered slowly around the park and I had a free sample from the 6 different companies competing in the RibFest (Misty was my favourite). The event was well organised. The Riverside Park would have been a waste of time though without it. We watched some people swimming in the river before returning to the Hotel to check in.

After getting sorted we went back to downtown and both had some marvellous Fish & Chips in The Noble Pig. Even though it was still 38c we decided to walk the ½ mile back to RibFest to sample the atmosphere at night. It was totally different. There were loads of people everywhere. The band playing at the music festival were rubbish. Not a little bit rubbish, but really really rubbish. The singer couldn't sing and the tunes were awful. Yet there were hundreds sitting watching. There were large queues at each of the RibFest stands and I felt rude not taking the free samples being offered again by each of them.

There was a nice sun haze over the river as we left.

To finish the night we called into Walmart which was on the way back to the Hotel to get some food for lunch tomorrow.

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