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Florida - May 18 - Going Home

Typically the weather was lovely again today.

We were packed and ready before 9am so sat outside for a while before finally getting ourselves ready. At 10am I loaded the car but then we sat inside for a further hour before leaving.

The last day of a trip is always a bit of a downer. Today was no different, but at least we have the next Florida trip booked. Our last day is always 'tempered' by Karen not wanting to get hot and sweaty before the flight home so that restricts us what we are able to do. In a way it is better when we have an early flight so we can just get up and go, but today our flight wasn't until 5.35pm.

So after much discussion we headed to the Grand Floridian Hotel. Karen stayed inside whilst I went for a wander to look at the Lake. We then went and had a posh but expensive brunch in the cafe. We couldn't afford the 'Princess Tea' which was around $300 each. However our Eggs Benedict was still very nice.

After this we wandered around the Hotel a bit before heading to the airport. The drive and car drop off was very simple. Check in didn't take too long and we then joined the Security queue. Just as I was loading my bags onto the conveyor belt, Karen said 'I think I may have put some water in your bag'. I was not best pleased. Unfortunately this has happened to me many times in the past with Karen adding things unbeknown to me to my bags. My bags then set off the alarms, I then get asked if I packed the bags myself (which I think I always have) to find Karen has added liquid without my knowledge. Oh how we laugh about that afterwards.

We had a frantic search but could not find where Karen had placed them so I nervously went through Security with fortunately with no incident. She must have left the water back in the villa. In future I will start having to put locks on my bags.

When we booked these flights last year we used air miles. We had enough to cover an upgrade on this return flight, something we had forgotten about. We were able to book Club World with the flat beds. A real extravagance and not one we would ever pay actual cash for, preferring to go on several holidays rather than spending so much on one trip. I calculated that the additional cost over an economy seat was about £2 per minute flying time! I think I booked it when BA introduced off peak mileage pricing and so we had taken advantage of that. This also entitled us to Lounge Access. Whilst this is nice, it would not be worth it if you had to pay admission to the Lounge, especially at Orlando airport where there are plenty of seats and places to eat and drink.

We were relaxing quietly in a corner when all the Napiers walked into the Lounge, so we had some time catching up with them.

The seats in Club World were very nice although they did feel like we were each in a coffin. We took advantage of the free champagne. The BA entertainment system was just as rubbish in Club World if not worse as you were not allowed to use it during takeoff or landing. Whilst it was nice being able to lie down flat, neither of us felt we got anymore sleep or felt less jet lagged than normal. We concluded we would if we could use points to upgrade the return flight in future we would definitely not pay extra for it.

Picking up the car was easy as was the drive home. We both felt rough by the time we were home. Karen had couple of hours sleep whilst I forced myself to the Gym to try and get my back moving again.

And so now we are back. Another lovely time. It is good to see and catch up with people. We have been into the City and as much as we love Norwich, it certainly isn't Florida. We are already excited to go back in October with Barry (and hopefully Neil again). The countdown to this and other trips has begun!

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