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Florida - May 18 - Day 21

At last we woke up to a beautiful clear blue sky after many days of mostly cloud and a lot of rain.

We decided to make the most of it and chill by the pool for the morning. Normally I get fed up after a hour or so, but today it was almost a welcome relief to do so with the unbroken sunshine. I pottered around intermittently playing on the laptop and reading.

I do love reading fiction, but I have to be in the mood. I find it more difficult at home as there are more distractions and I always feel guilty as there must be something more productive I should be doing. I do associate it more with being away from home.

After a very leisurely lunch by the pool we decided to head to Disney Springs to catch a free boat to the French Quarter. Disney Springs itself was almost deserted and we enjoyed having the 15 minute boat ride to ourselves. We don't understand why more people don't do this as it just like a ride in the Theme Parks.

Once we arrived we wandered around a while before having a very welcome cup of tea sitting in Jackson Square. As ever we people watched and mused over the type of people who would stay here and why. We can see the attraction of doing so, but aside the actual cost much prefer the freedom of staying in a home from villa with our own private and not overlooked pool.

We then caught the boat back and returned to the Villa to check in for our flight home the next day. Although sad to leave we are both ready to go home for a while and certainly looking forward to catching up with our boys. We already have a very busy schedule for the next few weeks, complicated by Karen needing to arrange support for her Mum following her broken arm and I having to build all the new office furniture so that we can put that room back together.

For our last evening meal for the trip we returned to the local Outback. As ever the food was excellent along with the service. We then returned one last time to Disney Springs to take in the evening atmosphere. It takes on a whole different feel once it is dark and has more of a party feel. We watched some the acts performing on various stages and Karen had once last Starbucks and last free Ghiradelli's chocolates. We reckon this trip alone she has had the equivalent of one of the large bags. It would have been more but when Neil was here he always ate his rather than donating to Karen as I have been trained to do!

Sadly we then back to the Villa where we finished the last of the wine before watching 'Shark Tank'. We are really going to have to find that programme when we get home.

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