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Florida - May 18 - Day 20

Another day for Karen & I in paradise.

This morning as the weather was cloudy but dry we decided to do one of our favourite things whilst in Florida - Hiring bikes for a ride round Celebration. As usual it didn't disappoint.

We parked in our usual place overlooking the Lake. Karen looked mournfully at her most favourite Starbucks that was closed for refurbishment and extending. We headed over to the bike rental place behind the Hotel and were soon on our way. As it was still quite early we decided to go the very long way round to Panera Bread for lunch. In fact we were cycling non stop for 61 minutes before we reached it.

The boardwalks are so lovely to cycle along. Although we didn't see the elusive deer this time we did see loads of other wildlife indeed Karen had trouble with a squirrel that seemed to have a death wish. We both wish we could do something similar at home. Somewhere we could cycle that is flat, safe, no traffic, has lovely weather and some lovely scenery with things to look at around every corner. The City Cycles that we hire are also really good. They were designed specifically by the owner of the rental firm for the use around Celebration and are perfect for it. They have no gears and no need for them.

I must admit that we both had numb bums by the time of our lunch break and so welcomed the sit down outside Panera Bread. After eating and checking our phones we were all too soon back on the saddle but took a more leisurely ride to hand the bikes back.

We then walked the long back around the Lake and wandered along the highway street before having a cup of tea on the corner at the Main Street Cafe watching the world go by.

The afternoon was spent by the pool enjoying spotting the sun between the clouds. We went for a wander around the estate and tried to look for the Napiers House. As they all look the same (houses - not the Napiers (apart from Carly & Amy that is)) we didn't know which one they were in. We have been so impressed with the villa we are in, the estate and in particular the location that we have just changed our booking for elsewhere in October to stay here again for 17 nights.

Tonight after much deliberation we decided to eat at Carrebbas for the first time. It was just OK. The service wasn't great either. We left not feeling overfull but that probably isn't a bad thing. We won't be rushing back. Olive Garden did Italian much better earlier this trip.

After this, rather excitedly we drove to the Polynesian Resort. Somehow bypassing the Magic Kingdom entrance and parking at this Hotel always seems a bit naughty as if we are breaking some rules. The plan was to have a wander around the Hotel before watching the Fireworks from the beach in front of the Hotel. This is supposed to be the best place to watch them for free.

Karen felt she deserved a Margarita for having put up with me for another day so I wandered and purchased one for her from Trader Sams. At $14 it might have been cheaper to buy her admission to Magic Kingdom itself?

We found prime spots on the beach. Before the 'Happily Ever After' show started we saw the Electrical Water Parade. We have seen this on the ferry previously. However this time we had the proper musical soundtrack which put it in context and it was actually quite good and worth watching.

The fireworks were amazing again. They pipe in the soundtrack from Magic Kingdom so you can follow along and it all makes sense. We could see the Castle in the distance changing colour but obviously could not make out the changing imagery on the Castle itself. This meant we could concentrate on the fireworks. I have no idea how they get some them to change colour and make different shapes, but they do. In the park you are caught between watching the castle and the fireworks. Therefore you probably miss about half of each. Photos never do them justice.

After this we went back to the villa, had a glass of wine and watched another episode of Shark Tank. I think we could get used to days like these.

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