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May 18 - Florida - Day 18

Yet again today the forecast was for more rain. The lowest percentage of it happening was first thing in the morning so we decided to try and maximise our chances of remaining dry by going out early.

We headed to Disney Springs, but this time with a new purpose. We were going to try and walk all around the Lake. It is not advertised as a walk nor sign posted, but I was convinced from looking on Google Maps we could do it. We set off in a clockwise direction from the Orange Garage.

It was actually quite straight-forward. We easily found all the bridges to cross the water at various points and enjoyed having a look round Saratoga Springs and the Golf Course. It was a very pleasant way to spend a hour or so. We ended up at the Marketplace end of Disney Springs and took the opportunity to buy the last couple of presents we needed before having a pit stop at Starbucks and relaxing on the chairs outside Ghiradelli's (after managing to go in twice for the free chocolate for Karen).

We popped in the Columbia shop as we were passing and Karen bought a top that had already reduced and now reduced further in their Memorial Day whole store sale.

It was now lunchtime and we fancied a Panera Bread lunch on route to our next stop. It was actually further up International Drive than we thought by we found it eventually. The setting was pretty impressive and we sat outside for a while watching all the Sea World rollercoasters go round and hearing all the screams. Why do girls scream so much on these things. Is it genetics? Are they showing off as boys can't? Never really understood that.

We then drove the short distance to the Premium Outlets where I had a couple of items to exchange. These were quickly sorted and Karen enjoyed her second Starbucks of the day. What would Neil have said to this? Anyone would think she was on holiday (although perhaps as that happens so often she should only have one when we are not on holiday).

As the rain was still holding off we walked to the other outlets across the road where I went mad and got some replacement sandals (hope they don't make my feet bleed as sandals often do) and a coat.

By now we were all shopped out and so went back to the villa to relax for a while.

In the evening we went to Golden Corral for food. The food here hasn't changed over the years although the place was better for having not so many people as normal. As usual I tucked into the awesome pot roast which is like stewed meat and incredibly tender. I actually went and also found the dessert counter but only because I saw someone else had a bowl of strawberries. It is all good honest food in a canteen setting with plastic plates. Best of all it is very cheap.

From here we drove to the Boardwalk where we arrived just in time to see the fireworks at Epcot for the third time. Karen never tires of them. I enjoy them as well although not quite so much.

We then paid our $15 admission (steep but always worth it) to get into Jellyrolls. This is a Duelling Piano Singalong bar. It is terrific fun. Karen and I both love Piano bars in the US and this is the best one we have ever been to.

I often think that we should open one in the UK, but there are many barriers. For a start Americans are always up for a good time without necessarily needing alcohol to do so. With Brits it would just get messy. Secondly the type of music they like and request is more suited to Piano bars. Thirdly the performers are insanely talented and it would probably be difficult to source enough of them. These are people who seem to know the words and music to any song suggested (or as we have seen in other venues, just listen to it once from their iPad and play it). Lastly we don't have small denomination of paper currency in which to request songs. Trivial I know it is all part of how these places work. It wouldn't be the same with coins.

Anyhow tonight there was a good crowd in and we were soon singing along to some of the classics with everyone else. Songs like Piano Man and Crocodile Rock get requested wherever we go, but tonight we were also treated to some Ed Sheeran and a version of 'All the Single Ladies' to which some guy in the audience stood up and did all the dance moves. The song that brought the house down was called I like Big Butts by Sir Mix-a-lot, which was only a minor hit in the UK. It was very funny especially as some guy had requested it to be sung for his wife for their anniversary.

We stayed far later than we intended and left just before midnight, still singing and laughing for the drive back to the villa.

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