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Florida - May 18 - Day 17

Today seemed a rather a flat day not just because Neil had gone home but also because of the weather. It rained all blooming day again. It was however comforting to get the message from Neil that he had arrived home safely first thing.

We had some shopping we wanted to do so we decided to get that out of the way early in the morning. We drove to the 'other' Super Target on the 192 and had a mooch around. Karen had a Starbucks on the way out. I also managed to buy some new flip flops and trainers from the Skechers outlet next door. From here we drove to the Lake Buena Vista outlets and went into a couple of shops before returning back to the villa for lunch. We had boiled eggs in case you are interested in how the 'other' half lives.

The rain wasn't heavy, more like a persistent drizzle. So we decided to sit outside under the Lanai as it was still very warm. After a while Karen wanted a break from reading her Kindle, so we played Scrabble. We take the small travel version wherever we go just in case we fancy a game. Karen took a rare victory but only because she managed to place the word 'Cox' right at the end of the game on a Treble Word Score. I pretended to be magnanimous in defeat!

Tonight we had arranged to meet Sharon & Iain at Manny's Chop House for dinner. This was a new venue for all of us. I had to drop Karen at the door as the rain was by then torrential. It was great to catch up and swap stories of our days. The food was good and we will go back. Iain was particularly taken by the very large pictures of Marilyn Monroe he sat underneath.

After this Karen & I returned some items to Target & Walmart we had bought previously and returned back to the villa for a glass of wine whilst watching more 'Shark Tank'. We then retired for the night hoping for better weather in the morning.

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