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Florida Day 8 - Moving Day

Today was moving day. 285 miles up the Keys and along the Turnpike. So we were all up early for breakfast and packing. We were on the road by 9.45am.

The roads were reasonably quiet until we hit the outskirts of Miami but eventually thinned out. We only had a quick stop for petrol and I managed the whole 5 hour drive without a break. That was not our intention, but the Sat Nav took along for a long way along Highway 27 that seemed devoid of suitable places to stop. We kept ourselves amused planning future trips and listening to Podcasts.

We got to our villa at Sunset Vista and were pleased with it. It has a different layout to any we have stayed in before. Although we don't have a Lake view this time, its very secluded and not overlooked. We sat by the pool for a couple of hours having a well deserved chill time.

The location of the villa was different for us as we have never stayed the west end of the 192. We were keen to go out and explore (and also hungry). So around 5.30pm we went out and drove the 2 miles to the nearest Outback restaurant where we all had our usual Steaks and jolly nice they were too.

Our usual first night in Kissimmee always consists of a wander around Disney Springs and so we drove the short distance there via Sherbeth Road, a short cut from our location onto Disney Property. We find there is always something magical each trip the first time we enter into Disney and equally that first walk round Disney Springs. It may be sad but we just love it (and that includes the boys as well). This may well be our 17th (we think) visit but we still get excited every time.

We did the usual slow meander stopping to look in shops and watching the many street performers.

Karen & Neil both had ice creams from Ghiredelli's and we got the obligatory free chocolates (mine as usual donated to Karen). It is such a lovely happy vibe from visitors and staff alike just happy to be there. By 10pm I was flagging after the long drive so we made our way back to the villa.

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