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Florida - Day 5 - The Keys

Today was a moving day. We were all packed up and ready to leave at 9.15am. We loaded the bags into the car and then strolled around the corner to a Marshalls in order to get Neil a cap as he left his at home. The sun was already up and Karen was already hot by the time we arrived.

Neil decided a Marlins hat would meet his needs after a lengthy selection process and we were then soon back to the car and on our way. The first part of the drive confirmed my thoughts that driving round Miami is just like driving round LA. The roads are crazy. At times 9 lanes going in each direction, with exits appearing both sides, lanes merging and disappearing without warning and the usual undertaking and overtaking going on all around me. I cannot say I enjoy the experience and it takes a lot of concentration. Karen as usual coped by having a doze.

Eventually we got to Homestead and the traffic thinned out and the road become simpler to drive and navigate. We pulled into a Starbucks Drive through to top up Karen's caffeine tank but were soon moving again. I was expecting to see evidence of the aftermath from Hurricane Irma as we drove along the Keys but there wasn't anything obvious.

Our final stop was at Publix in Key Largo to get some provisions and lunch.

We pulled into Burton Drive and along to Ocean Pointe. We have stayed at this complex several times before but not since 2013. The apartment was booked through Airbnb and we were told we could arrive anytime which was useful. This time we were in the first block as we pulled in (apartment 1307) and it was the best one we have ever had.

Ocean Pointe has a lovely laid back feel and is full of happy memories for us. We like the places to visit in and around Tavernier & Islamorada a lot.

It didn't take us long to get settled in and we had some lunch before venturing down to the pool area. This has had some serious money spent on it and we were very impressed. The seats were plentiful and very comfortable.

The pool was lovely with very few people in it. I also tried out the Jacuzzi. I particularly liked the piped Sirius Radio Station - The Bridge pumping out American Classics. Neil's response was to put his headphones on.

After sitting for a while I realised that my shoulders were burning so covered up and went for a walk. I passed the thermometer in the shade which was showing 98f. I went to the marina which had also been renewed since our last visit.

After cleaning ourselves up back in the apartment, we headed out for dinner at Mrs Macs 2. We had visited before and enjoyed the food and vibe. It is essentially a family diner but with a good reputation. It is interestingly situated in Key Largo between the carriageways on Highway 1 (actually it is nowhere near as bad as that description sounds), just a bit tricky to ensure that you don't drive past it.

We had a good meal with Neil taking advantage of the Buffalo Burger on the meal. Both he and Karen also had the traditional desserts in these parts of the Key Lime Pie.

Back in the apartment we watched part of Shark Tank, the USA equivalent of Dragons Den before retiring for the night.

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