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Hua Hin - Last Day

We were determined to make the most of our last day by doing very little. When we drew back the curtains we were greeted by glorious sunshine again.

We filled up at breakfast and then positioned ourselves again on Karens preferred dabbled sunshine sun beds. There seemed even fewer people about today.

I lasted a whole 45 minutes before getting fed up and stiff and so decided to make one last visit to the Gym. On the way I make arrangements at Reception for our ridiculously early check out at 2.30m the following morning. They organised breakfast boxes for us in lieu of the full breakfast and someone to collect our luggage from our room.

The Gym was typically quite warm but I enjoyed the solitude and watching some TV as I did 40 minutes on the various machines. After a quick change I rejoined Karen by the pool.

Neither of us fancied lunch today so we just ate up what snacks we had left.

After going back to the room where we spent a few minutes packing our cubes back into our cases. I had a quick call with the team at home and then we wandered down to the sea where Karen had a coffee. We spent the time talking about the highlights of the trip and Karen got quite emotional. We had spent so long planning for this trip and it did not seem real that it was now almost over. It had lived up to our expectations and more. The time had just flown by. At the start of the trip we both had concerns about being away for so long, but that had not proved a problem. We had thoroughly enjoyed each others company every day.

The final evening we caught the shuttle back to the centre of Hua Hin. We had agreed to try the Italian restaurant that had looked good and very popular the previous evening. However Karen decided when we got there that she didn't like the look of it because the menu on display didn't look classy enough. I was quite disappointed and so we ended up back at the restaurant we had been to previously.

We then wandered and had a very leisurely stroll around the very busy night market. It was quite chaotic and hot especially around the street food area. The amount of fake goods being sold was staggering. We bought a couple of items knowing full well that that they may fall apart or break quite soon.

A final Starbucks of the trip was then purchased by Karen before we caught the shuttle back. A final hour happy hour Margarita was then had before we headed back to our room where we retired and turned the lights off before 9pm.

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