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Hua Hin - Day 2

Today started much the same as the day before with a long leisurely breakfast outside. Karen went and nabbed the sun-beds she wanted in the dabbled shade, not that there were that many people about to cause a rush for them.

We lolled around reading Kindles and playing on our phones but after 30 minutes I was already getting uncomfortable and sore, so I went for a stroll around the gardens and down to the sea. I then managed another 40 minutes on the sun bed before deciding to walk to the Gym for a while.

It was hot by now and so very soon I was dripping in sweat and after 45 minutes I was done. I found Karen asleep on the sun bed and so went back to the room to get a cold drink. Karen ordered herself a Fish Burger and beer by the pool and she graciously shared 2 of her chips with me. I made do with a couple of boiled eggs purloined from breakfast.

After reading from my Kindle for a while longer we decided to try and venture out on foot from the Hotel to try and find Karen some coffee. It was a lovely walk until we reached the manic 6 lane highway we had to try and cross. It was like one of the early video games when we had to try and gauge the gap and then go for it. Across the road we could see one of Thailands petrol stations that also had a 711, KFC and most importantly a Cafe Amazon all around it. We went to the 711 and bought bananas that were being sold separately in individual sealed bags. Talk about waste of packaging. Karen thought it was because they must be precious commodities, but these plus some crisps and a yoghurt only came to £1.20.

We then had a tea and coffee in Cafe Amazon which I think I have mentioned before is the Thai version of Starbucks and very acceptable. By now I was hungry and so went next door where for £1.30 I had 2 pieces of KFC for a very late lunch. Karen got herself a Magnum from the 711 to eat as we walked back.

I was keen to see the beach at the resort with the tide out. It must have added almost 6 feet to the beach so still not huge, though it was quite relaxing sitting watching the waves crash onto it. I wonder if the sea ever calm here?

We then sat on our very shady patio sharing a couple of glasses of wine as the sun went down. The patio is nice and I can understand when the sun is boiling people want shade, but the trees and vegetation around us mean that we never get the sun on the patio at all. At least though our room does not get hot. I wish it would as Karen still insists on having the air con so much that I sometimes feel like opening the fridge door to let some warmth in.

Tonight we ate in the Italian restaurant using out complimentary voucher. It was very posh and we decided very us. It was in a lovely room we hadn't been in before. The service was as ever impeccable. We were a bit wary of what we should order as we were not sure what our voucher covered. We did not go mad, but did have starters and mains, whilst Karen also had a lovely looking Blueberry Panna Cotta for dessert. The dessert alone was priced at more than we had paid for our whole meal the night before. We were therefore very happy when I asked for the bill and they told us there was no need and they covered our drinks as well.

To celebrate we went to the bar upstairs and had another couple of Margaritas in the late happy hour before retiring.

I was supposed to be having another call back to the UK but I couldn't keep my eyes open and it was only 9.30pm. I rescheduled it for the following night. It is such hard work having some down time.

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