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Travel Day to Hua Hin

5.45am alarm meant we were able to check out by 6.25am and in breakfast for 6.30am. The fastest full breakfast ever eaten meant we were ready for the shuttle bus to the airport at 6.45am.

Check in and security at the airport were straightforward with no delays and for a change we were able to find somewhere to chill and catch our breathe.

The flight was a long 9 hrs 40 mins. It was an old Qantas plane that had seen better days (as had many of the crew). Service was poor and the food more so. We had packed some provisions just in case that we ate instead. The entertainment was ok and I watched 3 films to keep me amused.

Bangkok airport was less chaotic this time and we made it through immigration before our bags were on the carousel. Given our previous experiences this was a tense wait for Karen.

We had arranged a private taxi to Hua Hin and we were relieved to find a girl waiting holding a card with our name on it at the meeting point. The car was called round for us and we were soon on our way. It was another long nearly 3 hour journey of 137 miles. It was motorway equivalent all the way but there was a lot of traffic and we never seemed to hit countryside.

Eventually we arrived at the resort and it was beautiful. We were treated like honoured guests from the moment we arrived. We were given welcome drinks and shown to our room. I had told them in advance we were here to celebrate Karen’s birthday on Saturday and they had left us with a lovely floral message on the bed.

Speaking of the bed, this is the worlds biggest. We are used to large beds from our USA trips. This takes them to a whole new level and is like two USA king size put together. There is probably room for 8 people. I got in one side and Karen the other and we had to shout across to each other. I tried to watch a live stream from Carrow Road but fell asleep.

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