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Sydney Day 6 - Watsons Bay

Today was another grey start to the day. It was still lovely and warm however as we set off from the Hotel for the day. We got the train to Central and then set out to find Paddy's Market. We had to ask someone for directions as I had managed to forget the map.

The market was inside a large building and it surprised us. Amongst the many stalls were many that were selling exactly the same products as all the tourists shops around all the main sites but at less than half the price. If only I could have justified or found a use for a kangaroo hide.

After this we caught the train back to Circular Quay and walked to wharf 2 to get on the ferry to Watsons Bay. This was another place I had always wanted to visit and was high on all the recommended lists. The ferry journey was as ever lovely but very breezy out in the harbour. As soon as we got off the boat we ordered Fish & Chips from Doyles take away and found a bench overlooking the harbour to eat them in the sun. I think Karen was hoping we would go into the famous Doyles restaurant and perhaps we will next time now we know what it is like, but you do have to book well in advance. Our Fish & Chips were exactly the same but half the price of eating in the restaurant.

By now Karen was gasping for a coffee so we wandered to the Watson Bay Library which had set up a tea room on their front lawn. Despite a mix up with order probably caused by the French & Italian waiters trying to out flirt each other with the customers, we enjoyed our drinks and Karen's hot scones with cream and jam.

Watson's Bay in itself does not have a lot there. It is just a fantastic picturesque setting with the Harbour Bridge and City Skyline clearly visible. It is also a popular wedding spot as whilst we were there we saw 3 take place over looking the beach.

We were then considering getting the ferry back but thought we would just walk through the park beforehand. We then saw some steps with lots of people walking that way and so decided to investigate. What we hadn't realised was that the steps and path led to the cliffs overlooking the other side of the Watson Bay which was straight out to sea. As it was still windy, the waves were crashing and making it all look even more dramatic.

Again, Sydney had thrown up something to surprise us in a good way.

The ferry ride back was even more windy but lovely nevertheless. I don't think I could ever tire of this mode of transport. The views still take my breathe away and the cost of the ferry is ridiculously cheap.

Back in our hotel room we got most of packing completed before heading back to Circular Quay again. Tonight we ate at Pancakes of the Rocks where I had a healthy Caesar salad whilst Karen had Chocolate Pancakes with cherries.

We then walked round the Quay for the final time just as it was getting completely dark. There is something about the buildings and structures at that time of night that really do it for me. It sets my heart pounding with the sheer beauty of it all. For some people it can be paintings or whatever that has this effect on them. For me, it is scenes like this at night and in particular the sights around Circular Quay. I still wanted to pinch myself to prove that I was actually there. It still gives me a wow moment. Karen doesn't feel it as much but gets that I do. We took our last photos before heading back early as we knew we had a very early departure for the airport.

I'm still not sure how these blogs are being received or how I will feel reading them back. I am surprised and pleased that I have managed to keep them up. They are generally being knocked out now in about 20 minutes at the end of the day whilst Karen is getting ready for bed. She calls it my tippy happy time on the keyboard. I then don't publish them until I have re read them at least a day later and then add one or two photos. Do they enhance or distract? I have no idea.

Karen has no idea what I am writing and has no input. She has been reading in batches of two or three after they have been published. So far she has been complimentary and supportive about the content.

I know from feedback from eldest son and Karen that they do need editing better, with my grammar correcting and words added/deleted. I agree. However if I was to spend anymore time on this then it would start to impinge on the holiday, but I do need to improve.

I am also not happy with the wix software for blogging. It is cumbersome and restrictive. I would welcome any suggestions. It may be finally time for me to invest in my own domain and host it as such myself.

Anyhow off to bed now, after yet another conference call with the team in Norwich to understand progress on the project. Up early tomorrow for the long trek to the Beach Resort in Thailand.

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