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Chatuchak Weekend Market

After the exhausting time yesterday today it was a rush to get into breakfast before they closed at 10am. We filled up and then made our way to the BTR train station.

The purchasing of the tickets and sorting out the route was relative straightforward. The whole system was clean, safe and efficient and we soon arrived at our destination of Mo Chit.

This is the site of the largest weekend market in Thailand. It has 15000 stalls and attracts 250,000 visitors each weekend. It was organised chaos but not threatening or over whelming. We wandered for a hour stopping to buy water and diet cokes as we went along down alley ways. You could buy just about anything. Some of the 'copied' goods looked really quite good. Anyhow Karen purchased a pretty lace handbag that was locally handmade and I bought a luggage handle cover.

We left the market for a respite to have a cool sit down in a Cafe Amazon (like Starbucks). Karen managed to have a coffee and then a tea. Once refreshed we went back into the market to find a magnet on a stall that she had seen on the way in. Did I mention there were 15000 stalls? Did I mention it was a higgledy mess? There was no hope of finding the exact stall again try as we might. This was despite we were passing hundreds of stalls all selling the same ruddy magnet, but no it had to be from that original stall. We never found it and eventually a compromise magnet was sourced.

A smooth ride back to the hotel, meant we had time to freshen up before we went back to Jim Thompsons for happy hour. This place has been the find of the trip so far. A peaceful paradise amidst the hustle and bustle of the City.

2 Gin Coolers and 2 Mojitos later we were ready for some food. At the Outback restuarant we were treated like returning heroes with bows all round. A couple of salads later, we wandered round the mall before turning in for the night.

As ever today was hot and sticky. Yet despite that I think Thailand is growing on me. I wouldn't want to live here but can see the attraction for some. I would like to understand how the economy works and where the government income comes from as it all seems rather mysterious to me.

Tonight I also launched the blog on Facebook. Karen is weary of being mentioned in it for some reason. I don't know if people will just read it, or they do they will just laugh at my efforts, or will think it's us trying to show off or anything. I don't want it to be embarrassing to anyone. At the moment I find it quite relaxing to spend 10 - 15 minutes a day writing down what has happened. I hope that it helps to revive memories of this trip for us at a later date. If one person finds it interesting then maybe that would be bonus. Mainly it is for ourselves without making it too personal!

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