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Day 1 or is Day 2?

Well we have arrived in Bangkok, after a relatively untroubled journey. Well I say untroubled.......

Firstly there was the argument as we hit the M11 when we realised that Karen had forgotten her Driving License. Normally not a great problem, but as we are touring New Zealand for 19 days then it would be good to have a back up driver to me.

Then as we sit down for our traditional brunch at the airport Wetherspoons we learn that we have 2 fence panels down because of Storm Eleanor. We left in the dark and didn't notice.

Then there was the foot tapper. On our second flight from Dubai to Bangkok, we again had the window and middle seat. The aisle seat was taken by a strange woman who kept stamping her feet every time she fell asleep causing a commotion all around.

Quite impressed with Emirates so far. Plenty of room, easy boarding and 2000 channels of TV/movies. I watched Battle of the Sexes and Goodbye Christopher Robin on one flight. Followed by 5 episodes of Line of Duty on another.

We had about a 45 minute wait to get through immigration, but soon collected our bags and got in a taxi to the Hotel.

After a brief sort out we decided to have a walk around Siam. We then achieved the distinction of having our second coffee stop of the day, making it 2 Starbucks on 2 continents in 24 hours.

As we didn't know how long we could stay awake for we decided to eat in the Outback restuarant in the Siam Discovery centre. Food was good but expensive for Bangkok. I can certainly get used to everyone bowing to me!

We then wandered around a couple of shopping centres before walking to the Jim Thompson House which is not far from the hotel. By this time it was dark and there were plenty of street food vendors and cats wandering around the dark side streets and alleys. The walk was worth it as the restaurant and bar were a peaceful and pretty haven. As it was early we were still in time for Happy hour which included bakery items. Karen had wine with her carrot cake whilst I settled for a Jim Thompson Gin Cooler which was fab. As it was dark they also provided complimentary mosquito spray which was very welcome.

By now Karen was really flagging so we went back to the Hotel. I just popped out again to find Tescos which was 5 minutes walk away to get some fruit.

So Day 1 (or is it Day 2 our bodies have no idea) was complete. Not sure we have thrown ourselves into the Thai culture yet but thats to come.

So far Bangkok we think we like you.

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