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All checked in...

Well the bags are packed and we're ready to go.......

Had to pay £20 to get a different type of visa to allow me to enter Australia. Don't really understand why mine was stuck in a processing queue but after a long call with the Australian consulate I just followed their suggestion to apply for a different type of visa. That was the simple bit as via an intermediary it was approved immediately. Trying to go through the loops to get my original application withdrawn took another hour of paperwork. It seems the new system has a few teething problems.

So tonight, I'm off to the gym for the last time for a few weeks before then popping round to say farewell to Barry (and Eddie). Then just worrying about what I have forgotten to pack.

Karen's pre holiday stress levels are now at their peak and I suspect neither of us will relax till the drinks trolley comes round on that first Emirates flight.

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