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Before Trip Nerves

Blimey 5 days to go...

Nowhere near ready.

Too much going on, too much to do. Including a real fun day out the Darts.

It would be good to have December again and organise it a bit differently, but heigh ho. We have had a lovely time with family and friends and loved every minute.

It just seems so strange worrying about packing when we still have the Christmas Tree up (and very pretty it looks as well).

I'm suffering from pre trip nerves which happens every time we go away. I feel guilty leaving the boys behind (and I know Karen also worries about her Mum). This trip is just the two of us for 6 weeks.

I also have worries about the logistics and want it all to go well - or face the wrath of Karen.....

Another worry is that I don't have my Australian Visa yet. Karen's can back instantly but mine appears to be stuck in a queue for some reason.

Packing will have to wait until next year.....

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